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    A HTTP request is sent to a Shoutcast server in order to retrieve usage statistics.Currently Shoutcast Analytics can return the current, peak, reported and maximum numbers of listeners, music genre and title, server title and URL, current stream connections, status and bit rate, and played songs history.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Access Statistics is an Open Source PHP tracking script,Access Statistics is meant to keep track of the statistics of the accesses to the pages of a site.The accesses to site pages that use this class are recorded in log files that can be processed later to present a summary of the accesses.Access Statistics can be configured to ignore accesses to ...
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    Plottable Online Script is a free and Open Source php counter script.Plottable Online Script uses a database table to keep track of several statistics about the users online of a site. Features of Plottable Online Script:- Uses a MySql as cc- Determines a new visitor based on IP address and session id- Supports different modes of detect a new visitor- ...
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    CcCounter 2.0 is a FREE php counter script that doesn't require any database or language knowledge. Informations are stored on flat text files, and they are processed by a php script to visualize statistics about page counts, browsers, operating systems, and countries of the people that visited your site.These informations are available for each month, too. In addition, installation is ...
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    vinWebStats creates simple statistics regarding Web page hits.
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    Ever wanted to start your own web host without the pain of buying a server and installing all the software? HostBuilder allows you to start a web host on a shared web hosting plan without so much as root/shell access!While that may not be required of HostBuilder, you can still have HostBuilder monitor bandwidth and individual statistics on accounts and ...
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    WMSServer can be used to retrieve statistics of usage of a Windows Media server.WMSServer uses a Windows COM object to connect to a Windows Media server given a its host name and user name and password to retrieve the statistics.WMSServer can retrieve many types of statistics regarding the users connected to the Windows Media server, bandwidth usage, protocol type usage, ...
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    CBenchmark can be used to measure the time a PHP script takes to execute. It can start measuring execution time in different script check points. Each check point is tagged with a label.CBenchmark can also measure the time to execute a given function of a given object class.The execution time statistics can be presented in an HTML table showing the ...
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    x64 Simple Counter can be used to count site visits using flat files to store visit statistics.It logs the visiting users IP address in order to know if the visitor was already counted. It may also be used to know if a visitor already voted in a poll.
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    Gets the XML statistics file from SHOUTcast DNAS server.
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    JPCounterClass can be used to count the accesses to the pages of a site storing the statistics in MySQL database tables. It provides a function to record the hits on each page in the counter table.JPCounterClass also can retrieve several types of statistics like the total number of accesses to all site pages or just in a given page, number ...
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    Icecast Info can access an active Icecast server to fetch and parse statistics information. Icecast Info can fetch a statistics XML document from the Web server using Curl library and parse it to retrieve the fields: audio information, bitrate, channels, listeners, listen URL, public and sample rate.
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