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    MarkEngine is a static site website generator, working on top of PHP and Markdown. MarkEngine reads given templates, a folder structure and Markdown files, compiling all into static HTML pages. The engine is perfect for building simple structured static HTML websites. It doesn't need lots of resources to work and completely revolves around CSS and Markdown formatting, so even less ...
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    Fluid Grid Generator is a tool to convert static grids to fluid layouts. Fluid Grid Generator can calculate dynamic fluid grid layouts and automatically generate the necessary CSS code to render it out. Configurable parameters include:- Number of columns- Width of a column- Gutter width
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    This PHP script keeper can be used to store and retrieve keys in array static object. It extends the ArrayObject class and implements array storage functions to check, store and retrieve entries which are stored in a static array variable.
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    if you have just few static html pages and you want to edit the content without komplex systems and databases, you only need "HardCodeEditor", one file, that allows you to login and edit any area in any of your static content. Just download a hardcodeeditor.php file, set your administrator password and put this file on your serverspace.
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    static_DBConnect establishes MySQL database server connections and stores the database access handle in a static variable so it can be reused by different objects of the class.Functions for executing queries and retrieving results are also provided.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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