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    This script is a Zend Framework extension that can authenticate users accessing an IMAP server. It can connect to a given IMAP server using the Zend Mail IMAP class and verify whether the given user and password are valid. Stachl_Auth_Adapter_Imap supports both insecure and secure connections using SSL. Requirement: PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    QBRDS Client allows the integration of PHP applications with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise accounting system through a SOAP to COM bridge supplied with the QBSDK. The class QBRDS Client is a wrapper around the PHP 5 SOAP client class and is used to send QBXML requests and receive QBXML responses. Users of PHP4 may adapt using the NuSOAP package ...
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    HTTP requests are sent directly or via proxy servers, securely using or not SSL, setting the referrer URL, cookies, custom headers, etc., all configurable options. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Secure SMTP client can connect to a given SMTP server using SSL or TLS, and authentication using the LOGIN method. A message with a given subject can be sent from one address to a specified recipient. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    GmAtom establishes an SSL connection to the Gmail Web servers, authenticates as a given user, and retrieves XML Atom feeds with lists of messages stored in the specified mailbox.GmAtom can retrieve new mail messages from one or multiple Gmail mailboxes. All of the message in the Inbox, or only the ones with a specified label, can be retrieved.GmAtom retrieved message ...
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    FTPeasy can establish one or more connections to FTP servers with optional SSL based security. If an FTP server connection was already established, it reuses that connection. It can perform several connection operations like setting the connection timeout, set the connection passive mode, login as a given user, and execute a server side program.FTPeasy can also perform operations with files ...
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    HTTP Retriever can be used to access Web servers using the HTTP protocol.HTTP Retriever supports:- HTTP specification version 1.1- Submit HTTP requests of method GET, POST or custom- Access sites via SSL using PHP OpenSSL extension or CURL- HTTP basic authentication- Handle redirection automatically- Cache retrieved pages for a given period- Invoke callback functions during the connection progressProvides a pure-PHP ...
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    OpenSSLCrypt is a simple class that utilizes a public key and private key to encrypt and decrypt strings. It requires with OpenSSL support (configure --with-openssl).
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    TA_OpenSSL encrypts and decrypts data using RSA certificates and the openssl extension. It can verify the resulting data after encrypting to ensure proper recovery.TA_OpenSSL supports error handling and localization to present the class messages in different idioms. This package includes test public and private key files along with instructions on how to create your own key files.
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    TCLink is a PHP module that processes credit card transactions through the TrustCommerce payment gateway. Features of TCLink:- An easy-to-use interface; - Encryption using SSL and trusted certificates; - Fast transactions times (average about 1.2 secondse nd-to-end); - Fail-over to geographically distributed servers for extreme reliability. It is licensed under the LGPL. Full source code is included, as well as ...
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