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    CSQLite is a wrapper to access SQLite file databases using SQLite extension for PHP 5. The functions are similar to those used to access MySQL databases: open, query, fetch_row and get_num_rows.
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    Easy Registry can manage configuration data stored in a registry database file using SQLite. It provides a visual editor for editing records in registry database.The presentation of the visual editor can be easily customized by editing a CSS file.
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    my_sql is meant to interface with MySQL or SQLite databases.my_sql can be used to execute queries, show query execution time, to create execution time statistics, to check replicated queries, to export data dumps to file, to import data dumps from a file, etc..
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    ezSqliteAdmin is a tool written in PHP and XUL intended to handle the administration of SQLite over the Web. Requirements:- PHP5.0.0- Mozilla platform
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    Simple Power SQLite class is a simple class written in PHP, useful for standard operation with SQLite: database creation, connection, submit query, simple transaction mechanism, decode encode binary file, extend SQLite function, alter table.Simple Power SQLite can be integrated in any type of PHP project.
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