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    Class-db is a PHP script for working with SQL databases. For now it supports SQLite and MySQL databases, allowing developers to interact, query and retrieve results with ease. Class-db is useful because it allows the developer to avoid writing pure SQL syntax and rely only on PHP code to trigger and run SQL commands. This avoids problems by abstracting queries ...
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    zregistry can create a SQLite database file for storing values associated to a name key, it can also be used to register name and value pairs in a SQLite database. This PHP script can fetch the value of a stored key or also delete the key from the database's registry.Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or higher
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    POG - PHP Code Generator can be used to generate classes that map data in relational database tables in PHP objects using the Active Record design pattern.It can generate scripts optimized to work under PHP 4, PHP 5 or PHP 5.1.The generated scripts can work with PDO or POG database API supporting different databases like: MySQL, PostgreSQL, FirebirdSQL, SQLite and ...
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    EasySQL classes provides the same interface to compose and execute SQL queries to access several types of SQL databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. The script provides simple methods that will help to compose and execute SQL queries of the types: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and TRUNCATE. EasySQL classes can be easily extended to implement the same interface to access other ...
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    Sqlite3 database manager allows to do all main operations with Sqlite databases - add, modify, view and delete data.Also Sqlite3 database manager is possible to view tables structure, search with certain properties and configuration file allows to set up user accounts with privileges for example just adding and viewing permissions.
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    Multi-process PHP execution script provides the framework for processing multiple php scripts asynchronously from Apache PHP. The script uses sqlite as an interim caching system.
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    Sqlitei can provide an interface to access SQLite databases that is similar to mysqli interface. Sqlitei emulate the following mysqli features:- prepare to setup prepared or direct queries- bind_param to automatically parse given ? placeholders- bind_result to chose the name of the variables that will be initialized with values returned by queries- execute to execute prepared or direct queries )- ...
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    The PDO API is used to connect to the SQLite database and execute SQL queries. The data may be outputted formatted an an HTML table, a XML document or as a series of URL-encoded values.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    SPSQLite Class simplifies the use of SQLite databases. With SPSQLite Class you can create an SQLite database, connect to a database, execute a query, perform simple transactions.
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    SQLite Full Text Search implements a User Defined Function (UDF) that adds full text search SQL commands to SQLite.This User Defined Function allows to execute a simple full text search queries against the text fields of SQLite database tables.
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    The MySQL and SQLite database engines are supported.Key Features of Database Abstraction Layer:- Connect to a database given a connection string- Prepared queries- Caching query results in files- Binding variables to query result columns- Fetch whole result sets into an arrayRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    This example shows you how to do it if you have no MySql DBMS at hand and a not to extensive amount of data to expect. The XML file (holds all basic data we want to make available in the administration by choice), the text file will handle all the chosen data and the SQLite will contain all data submitted ...
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    MySql & SQLite database classes provides two classes that implement the same database access interface for both MySQL and SQLite.It may be useful if you want to support both types of databases in your application or plan to migrate between MySQL and SQLite and vice-versa, as you would not need to change your application code.MySql & SQLite database classes provides ...
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    class sqlite is a wrapper around the PHP extension to access SQLite databases.It provides functions for opening and closing SQLite database files, list database tables and their fields, execute SQL insert, update delete and select queries and retrieve the result set data into arrays.
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    SQLite DB Handler can be used to create and manage SQLite database files. It can create databases tables from a list of field declarations passed as an array.SQLite does not implement many types table alterations. This class can emulate table alterations by recreating a table with the altered fields and inserting the old table field values.SQLite DB Handler also supports ...
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