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    MySQL_data_table is extending data_table class which generates a html-table from a dataset array.Just set the query and execute it. The use the methods of data_table class to change layout from table.
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    MySQL php class is a wrapper to access MySQL databases.MySQL php class supports:- Connecting to multiple servers at the same time- Execute multiple SQL queries at the same time- Retrieve unbuffered result sets with the possibility to a retrieval duration limit after which the connection thread is killed and the query is stopped- Execute Insert, Update, Delete queries- Retrieve the ...
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    While phpTable may not necessarily save you very many lines of code, it does wonders for your code consistency and syntax.The complexity of the phpTable is not limited.
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    smysql class allows you to create simple mysql connections and simple CRUD operation. Enjoy it and have fun!
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    TbsSQL was designed to simplify the process of building SQL statements. This script provides a simple wrapper for various SQL database systems. Features of TbsSQL:- Simple to use, easy to install (only one class), few methods an properties- Placeholders for merging values in one shot- Return data as array, standard objects, specific class objects or clone objects- A simple cache ...
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    MySQL queries can be composed and executed in order to perform basic operations.Key Features of Simple MySQL:- Select or count the rows of a table given the columns to be retrieved, the where clause and optionally a limited range of result rows to retrieve- Insert a row in a table given the field values- Delete rows from a table given ...
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    mydb allows connecting to a given MySQL database server and executing arbitrary SQL queries.Key Features of mydb:- Retrieve query result rows into arrays- Retrieve all the query results into a single bi-dimensional array- Execute a query and retrieve a range of the result rows into a single bi-dimensional arrayRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    sql4array can execute SQL SELECT queries on bi-dimensional array, for which the first dimension is the row number and the second dimension the field names.The WHERE clause can be used to specify conditions with operators such as =, >,The results are returned as arrays and can be sorted with the ORDER clause and restricted with the clause LIMIT.Requirements: PHP 5.0.0 ...
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    Currently only MySQL is supported in db Class.Easy to CRUD with db Class. Enjoy youself!
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    SQL SELECT queries can be executed and the fields of each result set row can be retrieved into class variables.Object based MySQL can also insert or update records of a table getting the values from class variables with the same name as the fields.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Each SQL query must be stored on its own separate line in the file.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The forms can be styled through CSS, using the identifiers automatically added to each form element.There's also a formextra.inc class, which will allow you to add custom made multiple selectboxes.
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    sql_Generator class is meant to make it easier to generate SQL queries for inserting or updating records in a database table.Just specify the required fields, and then call the class functions to retrieve the SQL statement to perform an insert or update query.
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    The definition of a database table can be extracted and classes to query that table in order to store or retrieve records into class variables, can be generated.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higherLimitations: The code and documentation are in Portuguese.
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    DABAJAX Toolkit can execute SQL queries to an Oracle database to complete text typed in form fields using parameters passed by Javascript code to PHP scripts using AJAX requests.Parameters from different form fields defining filters for the data to be queried, can be passed to the queries.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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