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    Simple Abstract Table is a base class that should be extended by a class that specifies the table name and other details that define how to store and retrieve objects in the given table. The base class can check the variables that changed to learn which table fields should be set when inserting or updating a new object in the ...
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    Report generating and drawing can compose the definition of report tables that display data retrieved from given SQL query results. The report table definitions include the SQL query, query result grouping fields, result columns to be used as report fields, callback functions to format field values, report title and page summary text, etc.. The definitions can be defined manually or ...
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    MySQLo is a MySQL database access wrapper with API functions compatible with ADOdb. Functions of MySQLo:- Establish database connections given individual separate parameters or a DSN connection string- Execute SQL queries- Retrieve query result sets into arrays- Retrieve the last inserted identifier- Retrieve the last error
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    There is a query class that can compose the query adding the WHERE condition clause, the conditions can be made of multiple clauses combined with logical operators AND, and OR. phpSQL supports column alias, adding tables to the queries, switch/case statements, math operators, aggregating expressions like SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, column sorting. The composed queries can be executed with or ...
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    MySQL2Conndbs is a MySQL database access wrapper. MySQL2Conndbs can perform several operations to access databases and perform schema management:- Connects to a given MySQL database server- Create and drop databases- Create, drop tables or check if exists- Insert rows in a table from an array of field values- Delete specific rows from a table- Optimize tables- Execute SELECT queries and ...
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    MySQL Database Handler is a wrapper around MySQL database access functions. Features of MySQL Database Handler:- Establish persistent or non persistent database connections- Execute SQL queries- Fetch query result set rows as arrays. The array indexes can be column numbers or names.- Retrieve the number of rows in a result set.- Retrieve the number of rows affected by an INSERT, ...
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    The PHP SQL Toolkit is a PHP class system for abstracting database calls. Using classes or functions, it abstracts the underlying database structure into data sources in a manner similar to ODBC. Data sources are defined in one file and a standardized syntax is used for connecting to all databases. sqltoolkit is useful for portable code or for referencing multiple ...
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    gsdPagination takes as parameters a SQL query, the number of the current listing page, the limit of results to show in each page, and the base link URL. It generates an SQL query with the LIMIT clause to retrieve only the records to show in the current page.Navigation links that facilitate browsing the results, are also generated.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or ...
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    Gendata ODBC Text connects to database server and executes a given SQL query. It retrieves the query results and displays them in the current page in the CSV format.Records selected from a table, using an ODBC connection, are sent directly to a browser as a CSV file.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    GafDb can connect to a database and execute SQL queries.In debug mode GafDb can display messages of progress of each operation it executes. The progress and error messages are in Portuguese by default, but can changed to a different idiom.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Connection to MySQL database servers can be established and SQL queries can be executed in Osiris Core.Key Features of Osiris Core:- Change the character set- Return query results in arrays, HTML tables, or XML documents- List, optimize, create and drop database tables- Generate HTML to edit data from the database with inputs of type: text, textarea, select and checkboxRequirements: PHP ...
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    Page generates links to go to different pages of listings that show a limited number of entries per page, given the total number of entries and the current listing page number.Page can generate links to the first, last, next, previous and any intermediate pages. An SQL LIMIT clause can also be generated to retrieve entries from a database to display ...
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    xDatabase is a simple MySQL database access wrapper.Functions of xDatabase:- xDatabase can connect to database from the class constructor.- xDatabase is possible to use a single function to execute queries and retrieve results.- xDatabase automatically stores additional query information in class variables: number of result rows, affected rows, last insert id.
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    Oh!DB Table Data Gateway can perform the following operations:- Execute SQL SELECT queries from list of fields of a table- Retrieve the highest or the lowest value from an integer primary key table field- Get or delete one record of a table with a given primary key value- Delete all records of a table- Delete a record from a table ...
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    A connection to a MySQL database can be established and SQL INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and DESCRIBE queries can be executed from parameters that specify the tables, fields and values to use.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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