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    PHP Oracle Grid aims to display Oracle query results in an HTML table. It can execute a given SQL query and then generate an HTML table in which the query results displayed. The presentation of the table rows is configurable using CSS styles. Headers, odd and even rows can use different CSS styles.When the user drags the mouse a row, ...
  2. RFKmap
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    RFKmap for PHP is a free code which joins FastTemplate and PHPlib's class (DB_Sql) to create an object system for a content management and viewer. A easy syntax to create one instance to access a complex queries and mapping the results to a set of templates.
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    Sync DB Content is meant to synchronize two MySQL database copies. Sync DB Content queries a source database to determine which rows were updated since a given date and generates a text file that contains SQL queries for updating the target database to synchronize its contents.
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    The TableDataManagement class is used as an interface to manipulate data in rows of an SQL database table. Each object of the class can access individual rows of a given table.How does Table Data Management work?On initalization of a class object it obtains information about the table it is interfacing.After the initialization Table Data Management knows:- what primary keys are ...
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    sql2table is designed to provide a easy way to display mysql sql content in HTML table form with pages information and navigation link.
  6. LQueryBU
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    Light Query Business UnitPerforms SQL and PHP business units, all together, designed to avoid large DAOs, to increase preformance, better visibility and clarity, and improvement of development time.The unit files may also contain PHP or SQL actions to execute PRE-QUERY, POST-QUERY and POST-RECORD, and PHP or SQL actions for successfull or unsuccessfull queries.- Format pre-query variables, as conditions, limit, decoding, ...
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    Entire Class/Functions is a connection to a MySQL server can be established and SQL queries can be executed.Here are some key features of Entire Class/Functions:- Retrieve query results into single value variables or arrays- Execute queries to retrieve and display paginated listingsRequirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Sort Order Class is written with the hope that it will be of use to someone, and comes "as is" without warranty of any kind. I (Serge Stepanov) do no warrant or guarantee that the code will work under any circumstances besides my own. Any damage caused by the use of this script are not the fault of the author. ...
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    DAO classes is a SQL database access wrapper. It can establish database connections to one of several possible database server slaves. The class DAO classes can execute queries immediately or store the SQL statements in a queue file execute the queries all at once some time later. It also supports managing transactions and retrieving result sets all at once into ...
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    SQLData is an extension of the dm.DB class. SQLData provides object-relational mappings to store and retrieve persistent objects in an SQL database. SQLData comes with additional scripts for generating classes to be used by applications to access given database tables using the SQLData class. These scripts are meant to run from the command line. They retrieve the definitions of a ...
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    Xataface (formerly Dataface) is a flexible and shapeable skin that sits on top of MySQL making it accessible to normal, every-day users. In practical terms, it automagically generates the appropriate forms, lists, and menus for a user to interact with the database without having to know any SQL (structured query language). It is also a full-featured web application framework which ...
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    Information can be stored in and retrieved from database table records mapped to objects with Persistent Objects for PHP.The different types of database table columns are abstracted with individual data type classes, which help preventing SQL injection security attacks.Persistent Objects for PHP uses PDO based driver classes to abstract the access to the many types of databases including: MySQL, PostgreSQL, ...
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    Argument values that define tables, fields, field values and condition clauses can be passed to INSERT, UPDATE and SELECT queries. Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Bobo PHP DB Class can establish a connection to a MySQL database server host, execute SQL queries and retrieve the results into arrays. The identifier of the last inserted record can also be retrieved, and whether a given table exists can be checked. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    MySQL-class can be used to execute various queries and record their execution times. Key Features of MySQL-class:- Establish connections to a MySQL server to access a given database- Fetch query results into arrays- Retrieve data from a table with support for limiting the range of retrieved rows and the column by which the data is sorted- Retrieve a specific row ...
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