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    I use three class vars and five methods to connect, query, insert and update a MySql database. EZ Query cleans up your source code and decreases script development time. The focus was on displaying MySql data so I could take advantage of Dynamic webpages.EZ Query has scripts written to work with it too. The only thing lacking is a complex ...
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    CSV to SQL database converter can be used to import data stored in CSV files into a database. The main class can import the data into a table named by imported CSV-file name. Table in database is like image of CSV file, query "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS ``" is called before table creation!The types of the columns and other details ...
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    There are few programs on Linux to convert UML diagrams into SQL instructions. This php class reads a DIA diagram and generate the correspondent SQL instructions to create DataBase.
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    mysqlfuns contains two classes that wrap around MySQL database access functions.The first class is meant to establish a database connection. The other class is called RecordSet and is meant to provide an interface to execute the most common types of SQL queries.The RecordSet class provides separate functions to execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL queries, as well functions to ...
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    The goal of geraSql.php is to generate SQL code according to parameters defined by the developer. Its main advantage is to reduce the probability of SQL programming errors.
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    SunMatDB is actually three classes combined: DB, RS and ROW.The DB class opens a connection to the database, executes queries and takes care of the error handling. The RS class takes care of traversing the actual result set including the prev() and next() methods.The ROW class wraps one row of the result set that is returned from a RS object ...
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    Connect to MS SQL Server Database and execute queries and display results.
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    Class to interface with multiple SQL databases. It supports mysql, msql, mssql, pgsql, ODBC, interbase and sybase.Only interbase is not fully supported (doesn't have the numrows method).
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    queryList executes a SQL query to a MySQL database and paginates the results and displaying previous and next navigation links.
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    sql_query_generator will generate a large range of SQL SELECT queries from a submitted form.It provides facilites for simple queries on one field on a table, joins, selection of fields to be returned, aliasing of fields (eg. SUM(Price) AS Total), ORDER BY, even multiple queries from one form.Comes with a basic demo file, which I hope to update in time. GROUP ...
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    Miester Search class indexes multiple tables, builds dictionaries, creates btree indexes, and creates sql queries based on user input.
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    XML2DB can generate SQL queries to import data from XML files into an SQL database table.XML2DB uses the Simple XML extension of PHP 5 to parse XML files from which the data is extracted according to mappings that define which tag data and attributes are used to create the resulting SQL INSERT statements.
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    This class is meant to ease the generation of database queries by composing the SQL statements based on parameters passed dynamically to the class functions.SQL Query can generate SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements. It has functions to specify the columns involved in the queries, the column values and the conditions that will determine which database table rows will ...
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    SQL wrapper is a simple MySQL database access wrapper class. It provides functions to connect to a given MySQL database, execute a SQL query, retrieve the query result data and number of rows.
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    PhpReportsMSSQL can generate report HTML pages from given SQL database queries. It supports either MySQL and Microsoft SQL server databases.PhpReportsMSSQL takes as parameters the database type, the database access arguments, an SQL query strings, the title of the report page, number of records to show in a page. It executes the SQL query and display the results in an HTML ...
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