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    Mysql Database Functions is a wrapper around MySQL database access functions that can execute SQL queries, retrieve data from tables, list tables, list table fields and optimize or truncate tables.
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    dbGrid Extreme can be used to display in an HTML table grid data from a MySQL database table in a way that can be edited.Features of dbGrid Extreme:- Splitting data between multiple pages with navigation links- Display rows of data with alternate background colors- Control the columns by which the presented data is sorted- Display optional links to pages for ...
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    HTML dbtree implements an efficient method to manipulate hierarchical data stored in SQL databases tables by using preordered tree records. It is a more efficient method to add, remove and retrieve data that form trees of records, than using the traditional recursive way to manage trees using only a field parent that is really mich more resource consuming as it ...
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    Cacheton - An utility to cache pages that frequently query a db which is not updated so frequently. Script can reduce server load up to 50%. Your database will thank you. Easy installation, just create a cache dir and include the script. Configurable cache life, use page compression if you will.
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    Simple Operations can be used to build SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL queries to MySQL from lists of parameters.Features of Simple Operations:- Establish a database connection automatically from the constructor function- Build a SELECT query to a table with a given optional condition and order by clause- Build an SQL UPDATE query from a list of table fields and values ...
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    SQL Parsing is a simple class that can parse text files with a list of MySQL query statements to be executed.SQL Parsing splits the file lines, skips comment lines and gathers all consecutive lines until the one ends with semi-colon to get the complete SQL statement.Each statement is executed as MySQL query to the current default MySQL database connection.
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    csv2sql can be used to convert CSV (Comma Separated Values) files into SQL INSERT statements.csv2sql can parse a CSV file to extract the field names from the first file line and the data to insert from the remaining lines. It generates SQL INSERT statements using the field names and data from the parsed CSV file lines.The list of SQL INSERT ...
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    MySQL Database Handler class is a simple MySQL database access wrapper.It can establish MySQL database conections, execute SQL queries, retrieve the number of query result rows, retrieve query result rows as arrays and print query result field names.
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    MsSQL Database Functions is a wrapper class to access Microsoft SQL server databases.It can establish database connections, execute SQL queries, retrieve the number of result set rows, retrieve SELECT query results into arrays, prepare and execute stored procedures.
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    Database Abstraction plus SQL Injection can be used to edit and save data of table columns. It uses AJAX to save the changed table cells without refreshing the current page.The changed cells are saved by backend scripts that store the updated data in server side text files.
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    PHP MySQL class generator can be used to generate classes that wrap rows of MySQL database tables providing an object oriented interface to manipulate the table row data.PHP MySQL class generator generates getter and setter functions to access the table row column values as class variables. It also generates functions to insert, select, update and delete table row data.The generated ...
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    SQL XML can be used to generate XML documents from MySQL query results. The class executes a given MySQL query. It may restrict the range of extracted rows to a given page on which a configurable limit number of rows is returned.The generated XML documents are defined by row and column tags that contain the values of each query result ...
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    Easy Data Grid is a simple class that can display the results of a MySQL database query in an HTML table. It takes as parameters a result set resource handle and a list of result columns to display.The results are displayed in an HTML table that may have every other row with a custom background color. Additionally, a special column ...
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    MyDBO Code Generator can be used to generate the code of classes to access MySQL database tables. It uses Smarty templates to generate all the code for the classes and other scripts.The generated classes perform the usual database access operations like establishing database connections and executing SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and delete SQL queries. The templates from which the code is ...
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    mysql_db class provides access to MySQL using these methods:- open(): connects to database- query(): runs SQL query against the connected database- last_id(): gets last insert id for the connection- num_rows(): number of data rows from last query- close(): close database connectionErrors are handled via properties $db- >errtype and $db- >errstr, which can be tested for.
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