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    Database Connection Classes implements an abstraction of the access to SQL databases.Database Connection Classes provides an abstract interface for establishing connections, executing SQL queries, managing transactions, retrieving the last inserted table key.There is also a result set interface class for traversing and retrieving result set rows. Currently there is only one implementation class for access MySQL databases.
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    PHP data grid class can be used to display MySQL query results in HTML tables. It executes a given SQL SELECT query and generates an HTML table defined by a template to display the query results.The results table also shows links to navigate between query result pages. The number of result rows to display per page is configurable. The results ...
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    RG-MySQL is a MySQL database access wrapper.RG-MySQL can establish database connections to a given MySQL server host, execute SQL queries, retrieve the number of result set rows, fetch query results row by row as associative arrays or all rows at once, and retrieve the last inserted identifier value for SQL INSERT queries to tables with auto-increment fields.
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    rsmysql is a simple MySQL database access wrapper class that can measure the time spent executing the database queries.rsmysql can establish persistent and non-persistent connection to a given MySQL database server, execute SQL queries and return the query results in arrays.The total number of queries and the time spent of executing is stored in global variables for statistical purposes.
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    With this tool you can easily create a web forms to insert/update/delete data in a MySQL database. It automatically generates advanced search panel and form validation too.You can view the data in a short list view and in a detail view. You can easily change the look and feel with using css files. From version 0.5 you can connect to ...
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    SQL Query Builder can be used to dynamically build SQL database queries.It provides functions for defining query parameters such as the query type, tables, columns, the clauses where, order by, group by and having, limit row range.SQL Query Builder builds the query SQL statement according the query type and returns the SQL string.
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    SQL Backup classes can be used to provide a backup and restore solution of SQL databases that can work with multiple database types. It uses another database abstraction package to query the database table structure. It extracts the data in the tables to generate a database backup file that contains in a list of SQL statements.The restore process just reads ...
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    phpDB abstracts the access to SQL databases. It encapsulates several basic functions to access SQL databases like establishing connections, executing SQL queries and retrieving the data of the query result rows.Currently phpDB only supports MySQL, but there are hooks for supporting database interfaces like ODBC, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Oracle.
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    myXTree allows to save the DOM-document in a SQL-tree and back. For a choice of the data from a SQL-tree are used XPath expressions. Data reading of a SQL-tree can be carried out by two ways: by one SQL-query and recursive way.
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    Text DB API driver for AbstractDB is a driver for the AbstractDB SQL database abstraction layer to access flat file databases managed using the Text DB class API.
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    TPaginatedData can be used to generate listings split in multiple pages of data from MySQL database query results. It takes a query string and determines the number of result rows to calculates the total number of pages.Then TPaginatedData can execute the query to to get the data for the current page to display. The current listing page is generated using ...
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    HTML SQL can be used to parse and extract information from HTML documents using a query language similar to SQL to define the information to be extracted.HTML SQL can open HTML documents stored as local files or as remote pages using the Snoopy class.HTML SQL can execute a query with a syntax similar to SQL SELECT statements to search an ...
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    MySQL Access Wrapper Class can be used as a wrapper to access MySQL databases. It is a simplification of another class also made available in this site.Functions of MySQL Access Wrapper Class:- Establish MySQL database server connections- Execute SELECT queries given the list of fields, tables and search conditions, join fields- Retrieve the SELECT query result column names and result ...
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    Data to XML can be used to generate XML documents from data stored in a MySQL database. It can execute a given SQL SELECT query and generate a XML document with query result data.
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    MySQL List Data can be used to view, edit and delete records of a MySQL database table. It can execute a MySQL database SELECT query and list the results in an HTML table.The table fields, the respective header names and the table presentation details are configurable. The record listing table may have links on each row to edit and delete ...
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