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    Rejilla query paginator renders the results of a SQL query as a HTML table. It takes the SQL query to execute and processes results splitting them in multiple pages. A method prints out navigation links (for first, last, previous, and next pages).Rejilla query paginator also generates the ordering links in the header row, allowing the user to sort, ascending and ...
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    GV Pagination Class takes as parameter SELECT SQL query and counts the number of rows it would return.GV Pagination Class executes the SQL query limiting the range of rows to show in the current page, given the limit of results to show per page and the number of the current page that is retrieved from a request variable.Links for browsing ...
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    Ultimate MySQL has been developed with speed and low resource consumption in mind.Key Features of Ultimate MySQL:- Establish MySQL server connections- Execute SQL queries- Query a single value or a single row- Retrieve query results into arrays or resource objects- Retrieve the last inserted ID- Manage transactions (transaction processing)- Retrieve the list tables of a database- Retrieve the list fields ...
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    Abstract SQL Table to Object provides a base class from which all classes that map database tables should inherit. The sub-class should define the table it is wrapping, the primary key field and variables to store the table field values.The base class can query the database to retrieve the list of fields of the specified table. It can also perform ...
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    Pagination optimized takes as parameters limit of list entries per page, the number of the current page and an SQL query that returns the total number of query result rows.Pagination optimized returns an SQL query with a LIMIT clause to retrieve only the records to show in the current page. It also shows links to browse query results in other ...
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    Paginations takes as parameters a SQL query, the limit number of result rows to display per page, and the number of the listing page being displayed.Paginations executes the query to retrieve the results of the current page and stores the result handle in a class variable. It also generates HTML with links to go to the first, last, next, previous ...
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    Nested Sets DB Tree can be used to manipulate nested sets of database table records that form an hierarchical tree.Features of Nested Sets DB Tree:- It provides means to initialize the record tree, insert record nodes in specific tree positions, retrieve node and parent records, change position of nodes and delete record nodes.- It uses ANSI SQL statements and ADODB ...
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    SQL to Excel is meant to export spreadsheet information in the Excel XLS format.SQL to Excel consists in a base class that is capable of generating the contents of an XLS file given the values of the spreadsheet cells. There is also a sub-class that can query a MySQL database and use the base class to generate the contents of ...
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    Data Grid executes a given SQL query and generates an HTML table that displays the query results.Data Grid can associate a query result column with a given text that is used to display as title of the table as column header.Navigation links for spliting the query results into multiple pages, can also be generated.
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    phpSortable executes SQL queries and displays the results in HTML tables with sorting links in the table headers. It can also link cells of each row of the table to other pages to execute operations on the data displayed in the respective rows, like for editing or deleting the associated database table records.Pagination links, which allow browsing the listing split ...
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    Mimesis is a php4 flat file database class library. Mimesis mimics the behavior of a standard SQL database but without using SQL. Instead, using php's object oriented programming features Mimesis functions as a distinct class with various database manipulation methods.
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    The Flatfile package is a simple, light method of storing and retrieving data in tables with SQL-like features. All data is stored in tab-delimited text flat files. Flatfile supports a very powerful and extensible WHERE clause mechanism, which can be used with SELECT, UPDATE or DELETE statements. It can do ORDER BY on any number of fields, and includes full ...
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    DbCodeBuilder will generate code for classes to access databases as objects. It accesses a database to retrieve the information about tables and columns for which it is intended to generate data access classes.DbCodeBuilder generates value object classes (VO) to manage the mapped object information with all the necessary getter and setter functions. It also generates data object class (DAO) to ...
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    Base DB is a base class for implementing an SQL database access abstraction.Base DB provides base functions for establishing database connections, opening a database, quoting a string value, executing a query, retrieving query results as an array, listing the database tables, get the keys of a table, optimizing a table, retrieving the last error that occurred, etc..
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    MySql & SQLite database classes provides two classes that implement the same database access interface for both MySQL and SQLite.It may be useful if you want to support both types of databases in your application or plan to migrate between MySQL and SQLite and vice-versa, as you would not need to change your application code.MySql & SQLite database classes provides ...
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