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    Class-db is a PHP script for working with SQL databases. For now it supports SQLite and MySQL databases, allowing developers to interact, query and retrieve results with ease. Class-db is useful because it allows the developer to avoid writing pure SQL syntax and rely only on PHP code to trigger and run SQL commands. This avoids problems by abstracting queries ...
  2. Medoo
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    Medoo is a PHP-based ORM for SQL databases. Medoo provides a way for PHP developers to abstract database queries and other interactions via PHP code. Medoo works with MySQL, MSSQL and SQLite databases. The ORM is also packed with an SQL injection mechanism to prevent it from external attacks. Requirements:- PHP 5.1 or Higher What's New in This Version:- First ...
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    PHP SQL Parser is a PHP library for parsing SQL syntax. For now, the PHP SQL Parser library only supports the MySQL SQL dialect. Other dialects can be added, but some hard-coding might be required. All parsed SQL statements will be stored inside an array. Features of PHP SQL Parser:- Supported MySQL statements- DELETE- INSERT- REPLACE- SELECT- SET- UPDATE Limitations:- ...
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    BlogHelper is a php script to add web log to your website and requires MySQL. BlogHelper helps you quickly implement your very own customized blog. SQL scripts are included to set up your database. BlogHelper is a great way to learn about PHP and SQL, and is easily expandable if you wish to do more advanced blogging. Features of BlogHelper:- ...
  5. Crystal
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    Crystal is a PHP database interaction toolkit and wraps SQL code in nice, human-readable syntax, allowing developers to quickly run database operations right from their PHP code.Features of Crystal:- Well documented- Human readable syntax- Portable- Supports CRUD operations- Handle database manipulation and validationRequirements:- PHP 5.24 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- Custom SQL in WHERE.
  6. ClassQL
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    This is a database ORM for PHP. It provides a new approach to creating and using database PHP ORMs. It creats an artificial OOP SQL syntax. Features of ClassQL:- Easy to learn syntax- Custom filters to compute SQL results- Supports for eager loading- Supports some kind of inheritance- Complete PHP API- PHP stream wrapper to include models as PHP classes- ...
  7. WordPress SQL Backup
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    WordPress SQL Backup is a plugin that allows you to easily preform a sql backup from within your dashboard. The plugin is very secure and only allows administrators to preform a backup.This plugin allows you to create a backup and download it or email it to the administrator as an attatchment. This plugin also works great and has been tested ...
  8. tgcSqlBuilder
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    tgcSqlBuilder is a very easy to install, use and customize PHP database tool script which allows you to build SQL-statements using an object-oriented interface instead of many string-concatenations. It can be implemented in any PHP application, and you can simply build your queries with methods like addWhere(), setLimit() or others.
  9. SQL Abstraction Layer
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    SQLaL is a PHP Abstraction Layer script which makes it is easy to access and run queries on a MySQL database. It is designed to simplify the use of MySQL databases.The PHP script can be used for connecting, accessing, querying and reading results from a MySQL database. SQLaL is a good tool for connecting PHP to MySQL databases.
  10. objToSql
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    This script can generate SQL queries from objects or arrays. It can traverse the list of variables of the object or a given associative array and generate SQL INSERT or UPDATE queries to create or update records of a given database table.The names of the table fields are taken from the object variables or array indexes. The field values are ...
  11. PDO Multi Connection Class
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    This PHP database script that can access different types of SQL database using PDO. It provide a common interface to access different types of database like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL server, IBM DB2, SQLite, Oracle, Informix, and Firebird.This script can also establish connections, execute queries, retrieve single result rows or single row columns, the number of result rows, the last ...
  12. param
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    This PHP Script is used to validate and filter request values. It allows you to define a parameter or a list of parameters that must be read from POST or GET variables. param script can also filter values with a maximum length, discard values that seem to be used for SQL injection attempts and assume a default value for missing ...
  13. AutoDB
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    This PHP script is designed to query MySQL database programmatically by accessing a MySQL database and then composing SQL queries by calling functions that take parameters that define different aspects of the queries. Those functions of AutoDB take parameters that define the tables, fields, result set order clauses, field values, condition clauses and much more. There're also specific classes to ...
  14. Easy Query
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    This PHP script is mainly used to execute common SQL queries which are read from parameter lists. It can perform SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries using parameter values that define table names, fields, field values, condition, order, group and limit clauses. It can also retrieve query results into arrays.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    How to Connect MySQL with PHP is a very simple MySQL database access wrapper. Opening a connection to MySQL database from PHP is easy. It can be done with the “mysql_connect” PHP function which helps us establish a database connection, execute SQL queries and disconnects after retrieving results.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or higher
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