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    Use this script Simple to Use PHP MySQL Class that I've been using for years in my projects. It's a really easy-to-use PHP class file for connecting to, running queries on and retrieving data from MySQL databases. Just include the file, and set four parameters and you're all hooked up ready to go!
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    This PHP class can access MySQL databases from PHP code. It features a very simple and easy to understand PHP syntax, allowing it to easily be called from any PHP application.Here are some Key Features of PHP MySQL Connection Class:-Establish MySQL database server connections-Execute SQL queries and return the results in arrays-Count the number of records in tables-Execute queries to ...
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    This PHP class implements a MySQL database abstraction layer. It will allow PHP applications to connect to a MySQL database and interact with it performing queries or saving data to it.Here are some key features of Mraiur_Database:- Establish MySQL database server connections setting the client encoding- Execute SQL queries- Retrieve query results into arrays- Get the columns of a table
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    This class can be used to connect and query Microsoft Access databases from PHP. It takes the path of a Microsoft Access database file and computes suitable a DSN string to establish a connection to the database using ODBC extension on Windows.It can also execute a given SQL query on a connected database and return the whole result set inside ...
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    Bluebee can insert, update, query or delete database items. While Bluebee is not an OOP framework, it does allow database operations to be executed with fewer steps.
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    This class Small MySQL Connection is a very simple wrapper to access a MySQL database. Functions of Small MySQL Connection:- Establish database connections- Execute manipulation queries and return the number of affected table rows- Execute an SQL SELECT queries and return the result set data in a bi-dimensional array- Execute an SQL SELECT query and return a single value if ...
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    DBgridShow the result of a mysql query on HTML table. The script features easy to use. Forget the boring query now. 1 line code. $grid = new DBgrid($result,'border="1"','class="titulotabla"','').
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    The DBI class is MySQL database access wrapper. DBI class can establish database connections, execute SQL queries, retrieve the query result set data, present SELECT query information details like the time it took to execute and the returned result rows. The comments in the code are in Spanish.
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    Flexible pagination class takes any given SQL query and executes it in such way that it limits the retrieved results to a given range of rows with data to be displayed in the current page. The script also generates HTML for links to go to the next, previous, first and last page of the query results listing. It can also ...
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    Jade Dbo can setup the driver object and route database access calls to that object. Functions for establishing database connections, executing queries and retrieving the query results, are available in the script Jade Dbo. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Simple DB can establish connections to a MySQL database server and execute SQL queries. Once an SQL query is executed all results are stored into an array for later processing.Simple DB is disigned for small query access and extends the class.error.phpKey Features of Simple DB:- Retrieve query results into an array- Retrieve a field, row or page of query results- ...
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    MySQL for PHP is connection to a database host can be established and SQL queries can be executed.Key Features of MySQL for PHP:- Retrieve query results into arrays- Retrieve the number of result set rows and the last inserted identifierRequirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Connections to a MySQL host can be established and SQL queries can be executed with Database Abstraction Class. Key Features of Database Abstraction Class:- Retrieve results into objects and array- Retrieve the length of the column fields- Retrieve the number rows affected by a query- Determine the highest value of a table id fieldRequirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Database utility class can execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries from parameters that define tables, fields, values and conditions.Results from SELECT queries are returned in arrays.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Advanced MySQL Database Class, Simple to Use, the Advanced MySQL Database Class is probably one of the simplest database objects/classes to use for PHP.Once the object is created, the number of lines of code that you need to use for any function in this class is just 1! Any query at all can be called and return a result whether ...
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