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    SimpleExcel.php is a PHP library for dealing Excel spreadsheet files. It can be an important part of any Web service for manipulating Excel files, supporting most formats and common operations. SimpleExcel.php can process various tasks like spreadsheet parsing, generation and conversions. It is also well tested and comes with all the necessary documentation. Features of SimpleExcel.php:Supported formats:- XLSX- XML- CSV- ...
  2. Simple XLSX
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    This PHP script can be used to parse and retrieve data from Excel XLS spreadsheet files.It can parse a given Excel XLS file by extracting its contents files and parsing the contained XML spreadsheet file.The PHP script also provides functions to retrieve data for the spreadsheet worksheets, rows and cells.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  3. PEAR WorkBook Helper
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    This PHP Script is designed to generate an Excel spreadsheet with MySQL results. It executes a given MySQL query and generates an Excel spreadsheet filled with the query results using PEAR spreadsheet writer class. Generated spreadsheets will be saved to an external Excel file. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    This PHP script can be used to retrieve data of OpenOffice spreadsheet files. It can open a given file in the format of ODS, extract its contents and parse the spreadsheet data. A given range of spreadsheet rows can be extracted into an PHP array.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This script can be used to parses and accesses binary Excel files. The binary formate excel file is parsed to take the spreadsheet structure. The package provides several classes that extract the different parts of a spreadsheet and allow iterating those parts like workbooks, sheets, rows, columns and cells. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This class can be used to compose and generate Excel XLS spreadsheet files. It can add cells to the definition of a spreadsheet by specifying the position of the cell and its contents. The contents may be regular text or even formulas. The composed spreadsheet can be served for download or saved to a given file in Excel XLS format. ...
  7. PHPExcel wrapper for populating XLS files with user data
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    This class can be used to generate Excel spreadsheets from templates. It can load a template spreadsheet file, replace some template values and generate the merged Excel file. The resulting Excel file can be protected with a password and served as the current script output or saved to a given file. This class requires the PHPExcel classes for reading and ...
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    OpenOffice Spreadsheet Generation script can be used to generate spreadsheet documents in the OpenOffice format. It uses template XML files to generate the different parts of an OpenOffice spreadsheet document: table cell contents, styles, settings, metadata and manifest. The templates are processed and the output XML part is generated according to the contents of the spreadsheet defined by the application.
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    Text or numeric values can be added to specified rows and columns of the spreadsheet. IAM-XLS may also execute a MySQL database query and generate a single spreadsheet with the results of the query. The first row has the query result column names.IAM-XLS stores the whole spreadsheet definition in XLS format in a class variable. The generated spreadsheet data can ...
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    Excel XML can convert an .xml file to an XML spreadsheet and change the values of its cells.Key Features of Excel XML:- It can be used manipulate Excel XML spreadsheet files.- It can load an Excel XML spreadsheet file and change the values of any worksheet given its row and column.- The modified Excel XML spreadsheet can be stored in ...
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    The spreadsheets can be opened with OpenOffice, Excel Viewer or other editors supporting the format.The cloumn name, size, color and the width of the XLS file, can be customized. It will create an XML file and open it in XLS or save it as XLS.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    ods-php can create spreadsheets by adding or changing the values of the cells, rows or formulas. ods-php can create the spreadsheet files by generating the document XML files in its directory structure and then using the zip command to generate a single packed archive in the ODS compressed format.The ODS zip archive can also be extracted and the spreadsheet XML ...
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    SQL to Excel is meant to export spreadsheet information in the Excel XLS format.SQL to Excel consists in a base class that is capable of generating the contents of an XLS file given the values of the spreadsheet cells. There is also a sub-class that can query a MySQL database and use the base class to generate the contents of ...
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    Excel Reader opens an Excel spreadsheet using ODBC given a previously defined DSN (data source name) pointing to an existing Excel spreadsheet file.Queries can be executed to retrieve the list of sheets in a spreadsheet, the names of columns of each sheet or the data in the cells as an array.Requirements:PHP 4.3.4 or higher
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    All the basic values for cells, such as strings or numbers, are supported. Spreadsheet_WriteExcel has support for fomulas, images (BMP) and URLs.Limitations:Spreadsheet_WriteExcel doesn't support charts.
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