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    Garee's Split Gallery is a plugin for modifying the way the standard WP gallery works. Via an advanced shortcode system, the editor can filter images by various criteria, show only a group of images, break the gallery into multiple sections, and even add text between those sections.Features of Garee's Split Gallery:- Easily split standard WP galleries- Show only images of ...
  2. PHP text file splitter
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    This is a PHP text processing script which can split a file into multiple files with a limited number of lines. It reads a file and counts its lines.If the file has more than a given limit of lines, the script generates multiple files, each with no more than the limit of lines.To keep up with all the splits, the ...
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    Query Paging is a PHP solution to show links to browse listing split in multiple pages. It parameters the number of listing rows and the number of current page, and then generate links to browse to the next, previous and intermediate listing pages.Users can limit the number of entries per page as like, and the links presentation style can also ...
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    PHP Pagination Script is a flexible and easy to implement PHP pagination script which will help you split large result sets over multiple pages. Functionality to padd custom parameters was added in this new release version.Main Features of PHP Pagination Script:- Ease of integration with existing PHP applications- Easy to customize. The main class is just 200 code lines- Append ...
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    CatchMyFame Pagination script is the most lightweight, feature-rich, and easy to use PHP pagination script, which allows you to easily generate page numbers and restrict database results without having to create complex pagination code of your own. It supports previous/next links generation, jump to page dropdown and has the ability to select number of records per page.
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    Log checker can be used to truncate log files that exceed a limit size. This script contains functions required for crawling trought directories and filtering out, files with extensions passed in array as parameter. At first it crawls trought directory passed as parameter. When it finds subdirectory, it will be craweled too though. After matching all files by extension, files ...
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    PString can manipulate text strings, it can also take a text string value and perform several types of operations like comparing or concatenating it with another string, searching and replacing sub-strings, splitting the string, etc.. This script can be used in text-heavy applications or user input websites, where text must be processed before being used. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Pages Summary is meant to generate an HTML navigation bar made of links to browse content that is split over several pages, like for instance listings made of data from database query result records.Pages Summary can execute a given MySQL query to determine the how many records there are in total in the complete result set and then generate the ...
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    This class is meant to retrieve and process content data from a site with given URL or from a given file. The class can retrieve the data and filter it into multiple blocks split by a given block separator, strip Javascript code, strip HTML tags and extract data with a given regular expression. The comments in the class code are ...
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    This script can be used to compares strings to determine similarity level. It takes two strings to compare and split the strings into words. The script uses the Levenshtein algorithm to compare the words and determine the overall similarity level.
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    The class Splitter can split the contents of a text file to extract the values of its lines and columns. Splitter can also split the values of a line using a configurable character as column delimiter. The split values are returned in abidimensional array.
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    Tokenizer can take a text string and split it in tokens separated by text strings or one or more characters. Tokenizer supports marker strings that define the beginning and end of a token that may have separator strings inside. Operators which can be used to combine multiple tokens are also supported. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    String Tokenizer takes a string and a list of characters and splits the string when it finds the given separator characters.The parts of the split string are returned one at a time.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This script can be used to split MySQL query results displayed in pages retrieved using AJAX. It takes a MySQL query and computes the total number of rows it returns to generate HTML links in order to browse different pages of the query results. Each page displays up to a given limit number of results. The generated links trigger the ...
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    The initial text and tags are returned from a string with an HTML excerpt with the help of Cut HTML string. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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