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    Folder Space Folder Quota with Percent Bar can traverse one or more directories recursively to determine the disk space that the contained files occupy. It can generate HTML to display bars that represent the occupied space in percentage relative to a given disk space quota. Several parameters such as the bar height, bar width, axis, name, folder name, colors and ...
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    classTexto can remove special characters like spaces and letters with accents and cedilla with underscores or regular letters without accents and cedilla.A text string can also be cut in order to not exceed a specified length limit.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higherLimitations: The code and the comments are in Portuguese
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    File Manager is a web-based GUI for browsing file structures. It can be used to manage and share files with other users in a web-based environment. Features of File Manager:- Admin interface- User permissions- User groups- Upload and delete files and folders through the GUI- Documentation
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    Currently, Space maps can generate an image with a space map with a given number of sectors placed at random locations in a way that they do not overlap. It can also render optional space gates.The map image is served as the active script output, in JPEG format.Requirements:PHP 4 or higher
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    Cruncher class can be used to compact source code by removing comments and white space.Cruncher class uses the SourceMap class to extract only the relevant tokens to remove comments and white space from the original source code.Cruncher class was meant to process code in languages based on ECMAScript, like JavaScript, ActionScript, and others, but could be used to clean code ...
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    Size is a simple class that can be used to retrieve the available space in a disk partition given its path.Size can retrieve the disk size, free space and used space. It supports also retrieving the disk space on a Windows drive given the respective letter based disk path.
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