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  1. SmartOptimizer
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    SmartOptimizer is a PHP script for optimizing source code. It can be used for minifying, compression, merging and caching source code and files. This reduces file size, server requests and CPU usage. Additionally, SmartOptimizer can parse images and embed them in CSS files to reduce HTTP requests even more. SmartOptimizer is completely config-based, allowing easy customization to any project. Requirements:- ...
  2. SourceQuery
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    SourceQuery is a PHP script for querying Valve's Source game engine. It can be used in PHP websites or apps to get details from a server running on the Source engine. Just supply it with an IP and port. Can fetch details like:Number of slotsOnline playersNumber of botsCurrent mapMod nameServer nameSteam Application IDServer's OSIf the server is password protectedServer protocol ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    Sourceer is a easily and highly configurable single-file script to browse directories and view source code of .php, .htm, etc., files. Among other things, it can be useful for presenting source code of software projects (a much simple alternative to Trac, PHPDoc, Doxygen, SVN / CVS systems, etc.). Sourceer produces XHTML 1.0 Strict-compliant output whose page layout and CSS-styling can ...
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