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    myPageDisplay can be used to display MySQL query results split between multiple HTML pages. It displays the query results data in an HTML table with a given limit of rows per page.myPageDisplay also generates navigation links to go to different listing pages and also to choose the column to sort the query results. The listing may show the results in ...
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    Enhanced QuickSort implements an enhanced version of the quicksort algorithm to sort an array of comparable values.Enhanced QuickSort uses a cutoff point to switch to an insertion sort when the array size has become too small for quicksort to be useful. It is recommended for use with arrays of 10,000 items or less.Enhanced QuickSort can sort comparable values of type ...
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    hnwb_ListView for WinBinder provides an extension of the WinBinder ListView control.hnwb_ListView for WinBinder supports:- Automatic creation of header columns- Handling indexed and associative data arrays- Validating new entries if the data records contain a unique identifier field- Enhanced sorting for the columns with single rows, and hierarchical sorting of multiple rows- Adding, deleting and copying rows- Adding a status bar- ...
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    Array Multi Sort class is meant to sort arrays of associative arrays like those returned as result sets database query functions.It can sort the result arrays considering multiple result columns. It can perform ascendent or descendent sorting onb each column.Columns of dates are sorted correctly if they comply with GNU date syntax.
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    SortMultiArray will return a sorted multi-dimmensional array sorted by one of the columns in the array. It can sort in ascending and descenting order.
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    A Cute and rather unique sorting technique. Easy way to manipulate your array.
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    Forms class is an improved version of Formitable class by Gamaiel Zavala. It is meant to generate forms to submit records of a MySQL database table.Functions of Forms class:- Validation of fields.- Sort the fields.- Disable certain fields.- Hide certain fields.- Create froms directly from the table.- Force types of some fields to be a radio or check box.- Automatic ...
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    PHP Search can perform basic searches in MySQL tables. It can take parameters that define the tables and fields to be searched and retrieved and the fields that define the results sorting order.PHP Search returns the search results in the form of an HTML table or a text displaying a message when the search query did not return any results.
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    Sort script provides and implementation of several algorithms to sort the elements of an array. The algorithms that are implemented are: Merge sort, Shell sort and Bubble sort.
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    Mergesort produces a sorted sequence of an array form index $startuntil index $end.function Merge_sort sorts the input array directly. function MS_get gives a new array with a sorted sequence of the input array and leave the input array unchanged.
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    Brim::QuickSort implements the QuickSort algorithm to sort arrays of objects.It uses a comparator callback class with a function that compares two objects and returns -1, 0 or 1 to indicate whether the objects are equal or which one is greater in respect to the sorting criteria.
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    phpWebDirectory is a full-featured Web Directory application, which includes easy installation with the help of user-friendly installation wizard and everything needed to create your own fully customizable Internet website directory. Features of phpWebDirectory: - unlimited links; - advanced administration;- user management system;- powerful search engine; - sorting by any field; - rating & voting; - new links list; - top ...
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