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    iviArray represents the data type of an array, encapsulating PHP array functionality with few additional functions in a unified API (e.g. unified sorting function). See code documentation for exact usage of this class. The examples give a short overview about some important features. The code follows mostly the PEAR Coding Standards.
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    Quick Sort can be used to sort the elements of an array using a pure PHP implementation of the quick sort algorithm.Quick Sort traverses the values of the array and switches the positions of the elements of the array following the quick sort algorithm, until the array is all sorted.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    File System can get the listing of a given directory. The listing may contain only files, only directories or both. It may sort the listing by entry type, name, date, size and file name extension. The sorting may be either set to ascending or descending order.Custom list filtering can also be implemented through a callback function.Requirements: PHP 5.2.0 or higher
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    PHP Sort Class can be used to sort array data using several types of sorting algorithms. It can take an array of numbers and sort it using different algorithms.Currently PHP Sort Class supports: bubble sort, bidirectional bubble sort, heap sort, quick sort, gnome sort, strand sort, merge sort, bogo sort, Jsort, insertion sort and CombSort.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Array and Object Handling can be used to perform several types of manipulation operations of arrays and objects.Array and Object Handling could do this below:- Swap the position of two array elements- Recreate the indexes of an array to make them start from 0 and end in array element count minus one.- Get the index key of the last element- ...
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    MultiSort can sort a multi-dimensional array in one or more dimensions. By default the string values sorting is case sensitive, but the class can be configured to make case insensitive.
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    Advanced Array Sort sorts two- or multidimensional arrays by one or multiple columns. The assumed array format is always [row][column]([property]). Sorting works ascending as well as descending. There are no limits to either the dimensions of the array or the columns it is sorted by.All that's necessary to pass to Advanced Array Sort is the array to be sorted and ...
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    The array can be sorted and the tag can be customized. The size of SELECT can have a default value or can be changed.
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    Associative Array Ordering can sort the entries of an associative array by the value of the entry keys.Associative Array Ordering is taken from the PHP official manual and slightly modified for own purposes. It comes with base class that performs the sorting.
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    List can be used to manage double-linked listed of elements that are automatically sorted. There is a class for managing the lists of elements of any type or class, and another for managing the list nodes of elements.The list class provides means to add new list nodes in a position determined by the sorting criteria.The sorting criteria can be customized ...
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    A list of files located in a specified directory can be retrieved into an array, along with details about them such as names, sizes, last access date, last modified date, etc.Key Features of Directory and file info:- Optionally traverse the given directory recursively to list files contained in sub-directories- Filter the listing by file name extension, MIME type, last modified ...
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    Birthday Ordering accesses a MySQL database with a table with records of users sorting the results according to the user birthday date. A listing of user names and sorted birth dates can be displayed.Birthday Ordering is used for retrieve member information according to their birthday sequence from today (current date).Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    List page scrolling, column sorting, and in-place editing of data cells using form fields to alter the values and AJAX requests to save the changed values to the server, are supported.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    phpSortable executes SQL queries and displays the results in HTML tables with sorting links in the table headers. It can also link cells of each row of the table to other pages to execute operations on the data displayed in the respective rows, like for editing or deleting the associated database table records.Pagination links, which allow browsing the listing split ...
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    Designed to output lists or reports of data, typically directly from database query results, but also quite useful for quickly formatting generic array results for display. Features include record linking (i.e. the link for each row in the resulting list depends on the values of data within that row – useful in drill-down style reporting systems), record pagination, column sorting, ...
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