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    The PHP 5 SOAP client support is extended to add the required XML tags to requests in order to authenticate with specified username and password.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    SOAP server class simplifies generating the SOAP fault response messages.Key Features of SOAP server class:- Base functions to process SOAP message envelope requests and generate responses.- Utility function to validate and extract arguments from SOAP request commands.- Utility function to generate SOAP command responses.
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    cURL is an object oriented wrapper around the PHP cURL extension functions. This cURL extension is often used as HTTP client to access to remote Web pages or Web services via HTTP like those using the SOAP protocol.cURL provides functions to set the cURL extension options, execute HTTP requests and retrieve the response headers and bodies. The documentation is embedded ...
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    Sample code to access FraudLabs Credit Card Fraud Detection Web Service using SOAP method. FraudLabs is a hosted XML Web Service that allows instant detection of fraudulent online credit card orders by using several non-intrusive parameters such as IP address, email address domain name, delivery address, credit card bank identification number (BIN), area code and ZIP code. Free sample codes ...
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    PHP2WSDL is a WSDL generator for PHP Web Service support, namely the built-in SOAP API.The definition (WSDL) are derived from the PHP object class, its method functions, the input arguments, output parameter, etc.
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    PHP 5 provides an extension to provide built-in support for implementing Web services with SOAP, but it does not generate Web Services descriptions in WDSL to let SOAP clients discover how to use the available Web services.Soap Discovery generates WSDL using the reflection API of PHP 5 to reverse engineer the class definitions. It only generates RPC WSDL, not Document ...
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    Google Client is a simple class that searches the Web using Google via the SOAP Web services API. This class requires the PHP 5 SOAP extension.Requirements: PHP 5 SOAP extension
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    DB Web Service provides a remote interface to access a database via a Web service using the SOAP protocol.The Web service interface provides functions for retrieving, updating and deleting database data. It comes with an implementation example to access a MySQL database.
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    This PHP API enables you to rapidly develop Google search tools for integration into your own web application. It utilised the PEAR SOAP package to simplify communcations with Google. A Google Development API Key is also required and can be obtained from www.google.com.
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