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  1. SOAP Proxy
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    This is a free PHP web service script that can be used to generate code to access SOAP services from an WSDL. It takes the URL of an WSDL (Web Services Description Language) definition and retrieves it to obtain the details of the available Web services functions. The script generates PHP for classes with proxy functions of the specified SOAP ...
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    This free PHP script is created to generate class code with all methods needs with the aim for reproducing a SOAP web service. WS Client Builder can take the URL of a SOAP Web service WSDL(Web Service Definition Language) definition and pass it to the SOAP client one so it can retrieve the list of web service functions. Code for ...
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    Affilinet Product Service can be used to get product information using Affili.net API. It can send SOAP requests to Affili.net Web services API to perform several types of operations to query information about advertiser products. There is one class that can authenticate as a given API user. Another script can get the list of categories, get the path of a ...
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    Phritz MVC framework is an MVC framework for development of browser device independent applications. The script uses XSL to let the developers create applications that support common browsers generating XHTML and mobile device browsers via WAP. Phritz MVC framework can also be used to develop Web services applications that use SOAP and XML-RPC protocols.
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    QBRDS Client allows the integration of PHP applications with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise accounting system through a SOAP to COM bridge supplied with the QBSDK. The class QBRDS Client is a wrapper around the PHP 5 SOAP client class and is used to send QBXML requests and receive QBXML responses. Users of PHP4 may adapt using the NuSOAP package ...
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    EPS_Cybersource can send HTTP requests to Cybersource SOAP Web services API server to perform several types of operations to process credit card payments. The script can request payment authorization, return the payment request result and request reversal of a previous request. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The DOTS FastTax Web service API is accessed and HTTP SOAP requests are sent to retrieve tax information for an US or Canada jurisdiction, based on the specified postal code. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    exportPlanner2Mantisbt can take a Planner project file and parse it to extract details like the project name, manager and project tasks. The project data is exported through the Mantis SOAP API as project tasks and sub-tasks. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    rds classes implements a SOAP protocol client to exchange data with Quickbooks XML (QBXML) messages via Remote Data Sharing (RDS).The NuSOAP package is necessary because this class extends the NuSOAP client class to implement the SOAP client.
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    Ezmlm mailing list manager class is a Web interface class to create and manage mailing lists with ezmlm.Features of Ezmlm mailing list manager class:- Displays a table with the lists already created, showing the list local and domain parts and the number of current subscribers.- Creation and alteration of list properties.- Alteration of list automatic message texts.- Support for list ...
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    Several operations can be performed by querying the allegro.pl SOAP Web Services API.Operations include starting and ending auctions of products to sell, check products that were sold or unsold, etc..Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    CurConv can be used to convert money amounts between any two currencies. It uses the XMethods currency conversion SOAP based Web service.CurConv takes as parameters the countries of the original and converted currencies and the amount to be converted.
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    NuSOAP can be used for creating SOAP clients and servers. It has support for WSDL documents and can also generate WSDL documents for applications if needed.
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    Weather class is the same Web service used by the aeronautical industry. The country list, locations of stations within a country and the weather report for a specified station, can be retrieved.Weather class uses NuSOAP library to retrieve the whether information via SOAP Web services protocol.
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    Hotspot can be used to retrieve billing information about wireless ISP services of Hotspot Solutions.Hotspot uses a SOAP client to retrieve several types of information like the current connections, transactions, gateways, accounts, whether the gateway is online and create new accounts.Requirements:PHP 5.1
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