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    Snapshot uses the Mplayer program to extract an image from a given video file. The extracted image gets saved to a file in JPEG format. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    An IP address is only counted once per day, without the need of cookies. A plain text file is used to store the data.Monthly snapshots of the counter can also be saved.
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    If a previous version exists when a file is opened for writing, filesnap copies that version to a snapshot file.filesnap may also open a file for reading using an optional date parameter to tell the class to open the snapshot version of the file that existed on the given date.Requirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    Screenreaders can switch the tooltips off (using a hidden link) and have meaningful title attributes for the corresponding web page elements.Info Box provides several means for associating tooltip messages to different page elements.The tooltip messages are defined in HTML, thus providing flexibility to the formatting of the messages that are displayed, which may include images and other formatting elements.All the ...
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    Page Snapshot requires a browser and an external program such as Hypersnap.
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    Thumbnails can be generated by resizing the uploaded images while maintaining the aspect ratio.Image Snapshot can process uploaded images either in the JPEG or PNG format. Then it can crop and resize the images using and given rescale value.The resulting images can be stored in a file with a givem file name in JPEG format. The JPEG compression rate is ...
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