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    OE generator is a simple class that can be used to generate a file to configure Microsoft Outlook Express e-mail accounts.It generates a Windows registry definition file that specifies the addresses of the SMTP and POP3 servers to use, as well the account user name and password.OE generator generates and serves the file for download, so it can be opened ...
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    Send messages via SMTP can be used to send e-mail messages via SMTP connections.There is one class that takes care of establishing a TCP socket connection to send and retrieve data through that socket. There is another class that establishes a connection with an SMTP server using the socket class.Send messages via SMTP can send a message an SMTP server ...
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    smtpStatus checks and outputs a quick report on the status of multiple e-mail servers via SMTP.
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    Mail Server Info can lookup a DNS to determine the addresses of the SMTP servers of a given domain. It works in all platforms including Windows, Linux and other Unix systems.
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    Simple Mail php Class is a very simple class that can be used to send e-mail messages by relaying to a given SMTP server. It takes parameters defined as class variables for specifying the message sender, recipient, subject, body text and additional header.The mail server address and the SMTP port are also configurable using class variables. Simple Mail php Class ...
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    SMTP Mail is a simple class for sending e-mail messages through a given SMTP server.SMTP Mail main function is similar to the PHP mail() function as it also sends a message by connecting to a given SMTP server and taking as arguments the message To: address, the Subject: text, the message body data, the From: address and an optional Cc: ...
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    With a little configuration and easy to install PHP Site Check Script will give your website visitors the ability to check the availability of http, ftp, smtp and pop3 ports right from your website. Download the script at our website.
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    PHP-Lib-Xtreme is a package containing many object oriented PHP classes and is available under the GNU Lesser License. Ithas theaim to make a complex but also simple library available.Here is a list of all modules:- BB-Code-Class- Mime-Mail-Class- File-Class- FSocket-Class- General Functions- Http-Socket-Class- Message-Handler-Class- MYSQL-Class- PHP-Mailer-Class- POP3-Mail-Class- Session-Code-Class- SMTP-Mailer-Class- Template-Parser-Class
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    PHPwebmail is a web browser based IMAP and SMTP mail client. Often it is not possible to make outside mail connections from networks behind strict firewalls. With PHPwebmail a mail client only needs a WWW connection to the mailserver. Specifically it only needs a connection to the webserver hosting PHPwebmail. Most of the times the web and mail server will ...
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