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    sendmail provides a sending message via connecting to smtp setver (TCP).
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    MIMEMail is a simple class that compose a MIME e-mail message with optional attached files and send the message via SMTP.
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    Messages for one or more recipients can be composed using To:, CC:, or BCC: headers. The messages may have custom headers, a text part, an HTML part, both text and HTML, and other types of data.SMTPs supports sending attachments and signing or encrypting message data using GPG. The delivery is done relaying on a SMTP server. The LOGIN authentication method ...
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    Arioch Mail can connect to a given SMTP server and send an e-mail message with given headers and body data.A replacement for the mail() and ezmlm_hash() functions, which uses Arioch Mail to send messages when they are not available, is also provided.Requirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    Features of smtp.class.inc:- Generates message headers- Supports many header options- Sends E-Mail via SMTP
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    Check Mail is meant to check the existence of an email address in three levels:- Via regular expression validation- Using domain rules by checking a white list of well known email address provides (ie yahoo.com)- Via SMTP request to simulate a delivery to the address being checked.
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    These two classes allow you to easily send emails to multiple recipients (including using Cc and Bcc headers), with either HTML content, plain text content, or both, with as many attachments as you wish.You can specify the sender and the return address as well. The email messages are sent through the SMTP server that you specify.
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    There are several classes for composing and sending messages via an SMTP server. These classes can send text or HTML messages with eventual embedded images and attached files. The messages can be sent to one or more recipients with To, Cc and Bcc headers.There is also a POP3 client class that can connect a POP3 server, list the messages in ...
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    activeMailLib is a class that can validate e-mail addresses and send MIME email messages using the PHP mail() function. activeMailLib can generate text or HTML E-mail messages with user defined headers, body parts and character encoding.File parts can also be attached to the messages.activeMailLib may also perform email address validation based on a regular expression. It may optionally check the ...
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    SMTP Client can connect to a given SMTP server and send a message to a given recipient e-mail address. The sender e-mail address, the message subject and body are also configurable.SMTP login authentication is also supported by SMTP Client.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Here is something you always wanted. If you are a php developer and used Windows, you would have with held your application form sending e-mails because of mail() function not working on Windows without a SMTP server. Worry no further. The solution is available now under GNU Public License. (E)SMTP Mailer for PHP is a PHP class which you can ...
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    Easy Email SMTP can be used to compose and send messages via SMTP.Easy Email SMTP extends another class (Easy Mail) used to compose e-mail messages. It overrides the messages sending function to use an SMTP class to send the message via an SMTP server rather than using the PHP mail() function.Easy Email SMTP is officially compatible with PHP 5.
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    ABG_SMTPMail can be used to send e-mail messages using the SMTP protocol.It consists of three variants of the same class, two of which are versions of the main class with less features.The main class supports authentication, sending messages to multiple recipients using To or Cc headers, validate an e-mail address checking the syntax or checking the destination SMTP server.
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    mMail is an improved SMTP class for PHP.Features of mMail PHP Class: - Direct sending without using sendmail or a local SMTP server - Support for SSL and TLS SMTP sessions (tested with GMail, mDaemon) - Support for SMTP AUTH - Support for inline zip (just indicate you want the file zipped on attachment) - Support for text and html ...
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    SMTP E-mail sending class connects to a SMTP mail server to send messages.Features of SMTP E-mail sending class:- Relaying message delivery to a programmer defined SMTP server.- Programmer defined server address, server port, connection timeout, origin host address.- Support for authentication methods PLAIN and LOGIN.- Support for POP3 based authentication before delivery.- Direct delivery to one or more recipients with ...
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