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    Blue Smiley Organizer is web-based script to manage your bookmarks, diary, reminders, to-do lists, contacts, knowledge, file upload in a multi-user environment. It also includes its own live support help system, blogs, themes, and a discussion forum.
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    The list of icon images stored in a specified server-side directory is retrieved. Smiley Generator can either generate HTML with tags to display all images in a single paragraph one after another, or a single image with smiley icons and HTML tags that define all the areas of the image that correspond to each icon.In both cases, Smiley Generator generates ...
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    Smiley tags can be replaced with their corresponding icon images.Text For Reading Class can also convert URLs into links. URLs that ends in GIF, PNG or JPEG file name extensions are converted into linked images.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    bibivu smiles can be used to manage different packages of imoticon images. It support emoticon packages of programs phpBB, Gaim, and yahoo!.bibivu smiles can look into given folder where the emoticon image files are stored and retrieve information about the available images like the picture file name and description. It may also find and replace the description text of the ...
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    Best of IRC can be used to parse IRC channel logs and reformat as HTML.Best of IRCcan replace text color escape sequences into equivalent HTML tags. It can also convert smiley character sequences into HTML tags to show corresponding icon images.
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    Tona Smileys is meant to replace smiley tags with images defined in a table of a MySQL database.
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    Shout It is a simple shoutbox you can use for your website. It includes error checking in forms, message limit, stripping html tags and clickable smileys. You can easily edit this shoutbox to your likings and hopefully you can learn to make your own from this script.
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