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    SQLm is meant to process and execute SQL queries to PostgreSQL databases using template files to define the SQL statements and the Smarty engine to process the SQL templates and assign the query parameter values. The class SQLm includes means to profile the queries that are executed keeping track of the time that they take. It may also highlight the ...
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    Autenticacao queries the MySQL database using an ADODB package to create or delete user records. The user passwords are stored as MD5 or SHA1 hashes, based on user settings. Key Features of Autenticacao:- Add Users;- Remove Users;- Search Information Session;- Easy to implement with Smarty;- All the columns and tables in MySQL are customizable;- The programmer can choose not to ...
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    VaM Cart is an open Source CakePHP Based Shopping cart. Features of VaM Cart:- Easy Installation.- SEO - Search Engine Optimization.- Unlimited Categories, Products.- CakePHP, MVC, Smarty.- Multi Language, Multi Currency.- Templatable.- Open Source.- Automatic Image Resize.- Product Reviews.- Coupons...
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    Even though the syntax is like that of PHPLib template but the compiling technique of Smarty has been used. The Smarty advantages that PHPLib lacked, are now available.
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    Smarty Template Control provides a Web interface to create and edit text files. It was meant to let an user edit Smarty template files but it can be used to edit other types of text files.Smarty Template Control can generate an interface based on Web page forms to let the user choose and edit text file existing in a given ...
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    The actions are implemented by classes specified in a properties configuration file. The current script action is selected from a set, depending on the value of a given request variable.A plug-in is used to generate the view output, so that it can use any presentation method, such as Smarty templates, XSLT, PHP classes or plain HTML.
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    Smarty Calendar can generate a calendar of a given month and year using a Smarty template to define the calendar output.Smarty Calendar shows each month is broken down into weeks. These weeks are then easily displayed using a Smarty templates. The generated calendars include a form with select inputs to let the user browse a range of years and months.
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    Flow Chart can be used to generate questions for an help desk support service work flow. it uses a MySQL database pre-loaded with questions to ask users requesting support in an help desk service. The database also contains the possible answers that are expected.Depending on the answers provided by the users, the class determines the next step, which can be ...
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    Business directory script that is fully configurable and compatible with the SMARTY template engine.Unlimited category and membership levels. Accept payments through Paypal IPN. 100% localization with a built in language translation system. Radius postal code search. Supports multiple site design templates.
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    A FREE Shopping Cart Software as a solution for small companies to penetrate the crowded internet market. Because the system is able to support over 25.000 highly visited products it is also suitable for large businesses. Being built on opensource programming languages and tools you are able to fully use it at zero price. Features of PHPMass Shopping Cart: - ...
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    Create unlimited categories and subcategories. Options to require or not require reciprocal links Option to setup featured links and interface with the Paypal IPN Setup email notifications to let people know when you accepted their links and to let the admin know when a new links has been submitted.Free Regional Directory Script is also an optional feature. Set the regional ...
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    SmartyValidate is a form validation class. SmartyValidate is designed to leverage the Smarty templating environment and make form validation as easy and flexible as possible.
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    Secure use_trans_sid can be used use emulate use_trans_sid PHP option with output generated with Smarty templates. It can be used in PHP environments on which the session.use_trans_sid option is disabled for security reasons.There is a class that extends the base Smarty base class to load a plug-in script . This script is an output filter that parses all the output ...
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    SmartyX is a class derived from Smarty. This class can be used to name and reference the templates using a dotted notation like on ModeliXe.SmartyX inheriting all the functionalities of Smarty.The console of debug of Smarty was changed to take into account the dotted notation and the cache identifiers of the templates.
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    AuriumForm can output HTML forms with fields of all the standard types. You just need to set the configuration of the attributes of each field in an array.AuriumForm can be easily enhanced to support add new input types. It also supports aliases to minimize the code that needs to be written to use the class.The presentation of each field can ...
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