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    showplus Image Slideshow is an image gallery for the Joomla CMS. It helps webmasters publish image albums on their site with ease. showplus Image Slideshow is packed as a Joomla module and can be installed and configured as such. Installation:- Go to the Joomla admin section.- Select "Extensions" -> "Install/Unistall/Extensions Manager".- Upload the package's ZIP archive file and press "Upload ...
  2. Avatar Slide Galleria
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    Responsive Extension is a Joomla Slideshow is based on the Galleria plugin. Joomla Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery built on top of the jQuery. The aim is to simplify the process of creating professional image galleries for the web and mobile devices. Features of Avatar Slide Galleria:- Responsive slider.- Support 3 theme (Classic/ August/ Semtember)- Slide image from Picasa, ...
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    SH Slideshow is an image slideshow plugin for WordPress and uses the jQuery Cycle Plugin to rotate images inside a container. It come with a comprehensive and user-friendly user settings panel for customizing the slideshow as fit for any website and layout which can be used as a featured slider or just to showcase some images. Installation:- Unpack and upload ...
  4. Blaze Slideshow
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    Blaze Slideshow is a Flash & XML image slideshow for WordPress sites. Just go to the WP backend and add galleries and images. To embed the gallery, use the [blaze] shortcode in a page or post. Features of Blaze Slideshow:- Highly customizable- Random slides display- Customizable border color- Customizable tool-tip color- Resizable- Customizable Border radius- Customizable image radius- Customizable background ...
  5. FlickrShow WordPress Plugin
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    Flickr Show WordPress plugin, which can create a Flickr sildshow in WordPress - Use the Flickr.com API to load flickr photostreams, photo sets and search tags into wordpress photo galleries. Simply insert shortcode into your page or load a widget into your sidebar. Requires WordPrss 3.0+ and PHP 5. Features of FilckrShow WordPress Plugin:- Create PhotoStream, Photo Sets and Search ...
  6. Simple Slide Show
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    This WordPress plugin embeds an image slideshow via shortcode which can parse the content of a folder and embed all images as a rotating slideshow inside a page or post. Requirements:- WordPress 3 or HigherWhat's New in this version: - Updated timthumb.php script due to security vulnerability.Installation:Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' ...
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    This is a Joomla module, implementing the Skitter image slideshow. It allows Joomla admins to add a content slider (image slideshow) to their website. It can set the following details for each image: the label or title of the slide, whether to publish or not the slide, the slide category, the image to display and the link to redirect to ...
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    This simple PHP4 script aims to make it as easy as possible to throw up a bunch of pictures with thumbnails on the web, yet provides many extra features.Simply drop your JPEG, PNG and GIF files in a directory, and the script will create navigation web pages on the fly that includes high-quality thumbnails, captions, Next/Previous links, and user-controlled slideshow ...
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    PHP Photo browser and cross-fading slideshow script will share lots of photos with people you do not see every day!This script is very simple to use - for the user but mostly for you, the administrator. This server-side script simply goes in a web folder with images and works. It first shows a browser overview with automatically generated thumbnails, clicking ...
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    MOSAIC MINI will Put some images and the single file in a directory on your server, point your browser to that directory and enjoy :-)Features of MOSAIC MINI:- page navigation, - picture navigation, - automatic slideshow, - stand-alone or embedded, - gallery or imagewall mode, - with popups or lightbox effect, - easy configurable script.
  11. Slide Show
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    Lists of image files stored on local or remote servers, can be extracted. The image list is served to the browser which retrieves it with Javascript code that performs AJAX requests to obtain the images to display.For local server images the script returns a list of image file names. For remote Web server, Slide Show retrieves a given remote page ...
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    PHP Flash SlideShow is capable of creating a simple Flash animation to present an image slideshow from sequences of JPEG images.PHP Flash SlideShow lets you add the slideshow images, configure the time interval between the presentation of two images and the presentation background color.It requires the Ming PHP extension to generate the Flash animations.
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    Descriptions can be set for the images and comments can be posted to the albums. New albums can be created and images can be rotated or resized to reduce bandwidth.Zip files can be uploaded, and have them automatically extracted on the server. The zip flle can be kept in the 'Download' section so that users can download all the pictures ...
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    PHPSlideShow is the easiest way to create a slide show with your images. Setup is easy, just put phpslideshow.php in a directory containing your images and point your browser to it for a show. Features of PHPSlideShow: - Automatic thumbnail creation. - Zero Configuration Setup for beginners. - CSS/XHTML templates for advanced users. - Thumbnail support.- EXIF comment support. - ...
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    ImageGallery is a simple and easy to use script providing an image gallery. The images are displayed as thumbnails or as slideshow. The script can also handle several galleries. The highlight of this gallery is the usage of the GD-library to render dropshadows for thumbnails and slideshow images.
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