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  1. Layout Solution
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    Layout Solution is a set of open source PHP classes to simplify website development and maintenance. It holds commonly used variables and page elements, allowing developers to focus on designing pages rather than worrying about correctly duplicating common layouts over and over. Perfect for creating complicated website structures. Features of Layout Solution:- Holds Design Elements- Centralizes Site Information- Establishes Directory ...
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    Simplifica is a script that implements the Quine-McCluskey's tabular method for simplifying boolean expressions. It computes the canonical form of an expression.Simplifica is useful for teaching students how to simplify expressions using an iterative method, instead of Karnaugh, and how boolean algebra may be applied for solving the problem.
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    classMySQL is intended to simplify the access to MySQL Databases. In a complex application, you should need only one instance of the class making it global.
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    xMySQL is a PHP class that simplifies using MySQL databases. It is designed to be simple and effective, leaving out all "unnecessary" functions in favor of only those most frequently used, such as connecting and disconnecting from a server, and executing SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries.
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