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    Silentum Counter Plus is a basic PHP counter that uses individual images to display each number on the counter. There are three different styles for the counter: Regular, which uses the Vivaldi font, making the counter much fancier than regular text, or two different types of Digital, making the counter imitate a digital clock. This is an excellent counter if ...
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    Silentum Counter is one of the easiest and weightless PHP counters out there. It uses only two text files to store the totals, so no MySQL is required. Both the amount of total hits and the amount of total unique visits, using cookies, are recorded. The counter can also be styled however you like, and integrated with ease into absolutely ...
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    If you've ever designed a web site layout, you know that colors are an important aspect. It's a hassle to continuously change the hex colors, upload the page, then refresh just to see a small change in the colors. Silentum Hex Change can help. By using this simple form, you can input any valid six or three digit hex color, ...
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