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    Values that match one or more specified patterns can be extracted from URLs. Friendly URL Pattern Manager uses regular expressions to match and extract the attribute values from the URL, It can also be used to generate friendly URLs according to previously defined patterns.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Features of URLManagement:- Easy installation process. - Automatic and Manual URL shortening. - Automatic and Manual URL tracking. - Automatic and Manual Domain WHOIS.- Automatic and Manual Google Ads Stripper (gets AD URL). - Automatic, Manual and API for anonymous URL access. - What Is M IP. - Easy configuration file. - Customizable Ad serving.
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    Plug-and-play AJAX-based software solution to organize your own short URL / URL cloak service. Easy to use, premium design, advanced options (SEOed links, bulk submission, temporary links). No MySQL support needed. Free version available.
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    Shorten Urls with this easy to use script. Simple upload and you are ready to go. SourceCrave Url Shortener Script is a script similar to tinyurl except its unique it its own way.
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