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    ATN Simple Cart is free, responsive and easy to integrate simple shopping cart script - you need to just include a single line of php code in your php file or add an iframe if you wish to insert it in a html file. No database is used and no installation is required, the products information and settings are defined ...
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    Prima Members is easy to use open source membership management system with integrated shopping cart. Features of Prima Members:- Product Management- Member Control- Members Settings- Newsletter- Mailer Settings (allows changing the mailer settings using this page)- System e-mail (edit system e-mail templates)- Statistics- Activity Log- Coupons and Discount System Management- Administrator Management- Security Settings- Design Manager Requirements:- PHP 4.1 or ...
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    WP Marketplace is a WordPress plugin for running an online store, complete with a shopping cart utility which can be used for selling physical and digital products the same. Features of WP Marketplace:- Manage store through the WP backend- Manage stocks- Coupons- Manage taxes- Price variations- Product variations- Discount manager- Pricing tables- Shipping options- Multiple payment gateways- PayPal payment integration- ...
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    php virtual table is a PHP stand-alone shopping cart utility which works out of the box, but can also be easily integrated with more complex e-commerce solutions. It is highly flexible and simple to administrate. If needed, it can export cart data to a CSV file. What's New in This Version:- Interface and abstract class added- Redundant functions are deleted- ...
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