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    Posten Shipping Track API Wrapper will send an HTTP request to the Posten(Norway specific) web services API server to request tracking information for a given parcel shipment. The trace-code/ Shipping number is required to get information back. It retrieves tracking events that were recorded so far, as well as the shipping details.Features of Posten Shipping Track API Wrapper:- Fully funcitonal ...
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    Post Danmark sends an HTTP request to the PostDanmark site to retrieve the page with tracking information for a given shipping tracking code. The page is parsed and the date, time and status of every tracking detail is retrieved. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    DHL class can be used to submit shipment requests to DHL via the Web. It can connect to DHL Web server and use its Web services API to perform several types of shipping operations.DHL class compose a shipment request with all the details including the shipping date date, shipment type, weight and size, sender, receiver, billing details, etc.. Then it ...
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    USPS Quote provides an interface to use the United States Postal Service's online APIs. It allows getting real time shipping quotes for domestic and international shipments.USPS Quote can retrieve information about all service types and can handle domestic and international shipments. The class requires the PHP extensions DOM XML and Curl.
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