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  1. Youtube Clone Video Share Enterprise
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    Video Share Enterprise is the ultimate solution (youtube clone) for starting your VIDEO, AUDIO and PHOTO sharing and uploading community just like Youtube and MySpace Videos. But wait, not only does our solution offers you a video sharing capability, members can now edit their videos on the fly using our Video Editor Plugin - the first and only fully integrated ...
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    YouSendIt.com is quickly becoming the most widely used file sharing site on the internet. This YouSendIt.com Clone will allow you to compete with a nearly identical script and layout. YouSendIt Clone script also features a fully functional administration panel and an area to place banners and your Google adsense code for revenue.YouSendIt Clone is almost exactly like the popular services ...
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    Professional Share is a top of the line WordPress social sharing plugin. Professional Share helps webmasters easily embed social sharing buttons on their site. It's perfect for webmasters that want users to help them spread the word about their site and its content via today's main news source: social networks. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate ...
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    Bit.ly allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier.Each method is documented with PHPDoc.What's New in This Release Bitly Class:- Corrected some documentation- Wrote some explanation for the method-parameters
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    GarageTV Class is a handy and simple way of uploading short films and sharing them with friends. GarageTV Class is well documented with PHPDoc.
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    IPC Shared Memory is a package that can be used to share information between different processes using several types of shared memory containers.A few shared memory container classes are provided implementing the same interface: file based, SysV shm, MySQL record.The interface has functions for atomically fetching or storing shared memory data and also functions to start or finish transactions that ...
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    shmem script allows you to share information between pages and applications outside php using shared memory.
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    sessionSharing is meant to share session variables between different sites.All session variables of one site can be passed to another site using special URLs of links that contain encoded versions of the session variables of the origin site.
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    Family Gift List is a php program I wrote to enable friends and family to share gift lists for Birthdays and Christmas etc.The program allows users to create an account, add to their giftlist, edit / delete/ modifiy gifts. View other `wanted` lists, select items to `buy` other people plus other features. Check out the homepage for more info and ...
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