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    UD Server Status is a simple class that can determine the status of a TCP server by attempting to establish a connection. It returns the name of an icon image file that reflects whether the given server status is up or down.
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    Simple TCP Daemon lets you write Simple daemons.Features of Simple TCP Daemon are:- Support running as inetd/standalone app- Validate commands and handle commands through callbacks
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    Class that interfaces with the httperf program to evaluate HTTP server performance and execute stressing tests. Featuresof Httperf server stressing and benchmark tool:- Configuration of server stressing parameters and options.- Generate response graphics.- Example script provides a friendly Web form based interface to configure tests and present the results as graphics or httperf program output text.
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    You can run PiwiP (the PHP Scripts) on a php-server while the pictures are on another picture-server. It is essential that the picture-server allows directory-listing! PiwiP does not use a database (like mysql). A short introduction of PiwiP: - Be sure your picture-server has activated directory listing.- Be sure no index.html (or index.htm) is in the (sub)directory of the gallery-path ...
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    CzarQuery is made to retrieve information from a Half-Life server about who is playing, what mod it is running, and what map the server is currently playing. This script has been tested with and includes map pictures for the following mods: Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Natural Selection, Team Fortress Classic, and Action Half-Life. This script will work with other mods, ...
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