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    Simple Server File Browser can generate listings with links to the URLs of pages to show each file or directory.The directories are only accessed if a secret hash value generated by the class is passed in the directory link URL. In this way the class can protect the access to directories via path guessing.Dynamically generated links are listed as links. ...
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    This PHP class can be used to browse and manage files stored on the server. Webexplore presents a Web page based user interface that lists files stored on the server.Webexplore also provides a user interface to let the users perform several types of operations to manipulate the files and directories like: copying, renaming, deleting and searching.Installation- Unpack to a folder ...
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    Client and Server Socket can be use to implement generic TCP/IP clients and servers. It can create client and server sockets for connections using TCP and UDP protocols under IPv4, IPv6 and UNIX domain.The client class can establish connections to a given address and port, send and retrieve data. The server class can accept connections to a given local port.There ...
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    Filebase classes can be used to retrieve information about the current Web server setup.Filebase classes can determine the server machine OS, the Web server document root path, the current script path, and the PHP include path.
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    Filebase can be used to retrieve information about the current Web server setup.Filebase can determine the server machine OS, the Web server document root path, the current script path, and the PHP include path.
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    Simple Server provides an interface for implementing TCP socket servers by handling the connections, sending and retrieving data to the clients that connect to the server.Simple Server has the ability buffer the data received from the clients. The data may be returned to the calling script in smaller chunks split by a given divider character sequence.Simple Server is convinient for ...
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    One of the biggest pains in hosting a website comes when you realize that you need to switch servers, or mirror a website. Ideally your initial server should do you just fine, but theres always those times when you find a better deal, the initial server gets hacked and you need to move, or for whatever reason you need to ...
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    IPC Shared Memory is a package that can be used to share information between different processes using several types of shared memory containers.A few shared memory container classes are provided implementing the same interface: file based, SysV shm, MySQL record.The interface has functions for atomically fetching or storing shared memory data and also functions to start or finish transactions that ...
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    San Andreas - Multi Theft Auto Server Query is a simple class that can query San Andreas: Multi Theft Auto game servers to retrieve publicly available information.The class returns an array that contains the information provided by the server: host name, mods, version, players, pings, etc..
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    Pure PHP syslog client can be used to log data to a RFC 3164 compliant syslog facility server. Syslog class is an implementation in PHP following the RFC 3164 rules. Using this class, it is possible to send syslog messages to external servers.Pure PHP syslog client establishes an UDP connection to syslog facility server given its IP address. Then it ...
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    Unreal script is an utilityclass (PHP4 only) to do serverstatus-queries against UnrealTournament servers.
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    Bouncer Query can establish a TCP/IP connection with a remote server of a given IP address using a bouncer server to relay the connection.Bouncer Query establishes the connection with the bouncer server using the supplied user name and password. Then you can send commands to the remote server using this connection with the bouncer server.
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    clsDaemonize is intended to automate the creation of system daemons proceses under Unix like operating systems or those with POSIX compliant API like Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, etc... It can fork a new process using the PHP pcntl extension and detach from the starting shell so it can exit without killing the daemon process.clsDaemonize can maintain a ...
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    MySQL Server Status retrieves the status of a MySQL server using SHOW STATUS query and returns the values in an array.Also, it provides functions for formatting these status values for better presentation: Formatbytes (determines TB, GB, MB, or KB and limits output to a number of decimal places that you provide) also TimeSpanFormat (returns the number of days, hours, minutes, ...
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    Server status class can connect to a server given its IP address and port to determine if it is running and accepts connections.
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