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    This class can be used to retrieve status information from Shoutcast audio streaming servers. It can access the statistics Web server, authenticate as administrator, retrieve and parse the statistics information in XML format.It can extract several types of statistics information like: the current listeners, peak listeners, max listeners, reported listeners, average time, server genre, server title, song title, song title, ...
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    Proxy goes through a list of remote sites and retrieve pages that contain lists of proxy servers. The retrieved pages are parsed to extract the proxy addresses and a PHP script with their details is generated. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Socket Server can be created to listen to connection to a specified IP address and port. It accepts connections and sends an optional welcome message to the client. Socket Server can also register a handler function that will be called when it receives data from a client. The return value of the handler function is sent as response to the ...
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    Soldat Server Stats connects to a Soldat game server with a given IP address and performs queries to retrieve several types of game information.The game type, map, version, player count, server rules and player details, can be retrieved.Requirements:PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Backgrounder can be used to set up a callback function that will execute even if the user closes the browser window. It is meant to be used in long running processes, like pdf generation. The callback function at the moment is an e-mail message sent to the user. This can be changed by the developer.Backgrounder forks a process in the ...
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    srcds rcon connects to a given game server and can send any type of command to the server.Multi-packet responses (cvarlist, status, etc.) are supported and it can work with games such as Counter-Strike:Source, Team Fortress 2, Fortress Forever, etc..Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The components are -1 by default, something different meaning that a value exists for that component. PHP Version Parser also contains a compare function for comparing two version numbers together. It compares the version number associated with this class and a version number that is passed in as an argument.If the passed in version number is newer than the version ...
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    San Andreas - Multiplayer Server Query is a simple class that can query San Andreas: Multiplayer game servers to retrieve publicly available information.San Andreas - Multiplayer Server Query returns an array that contains the information provided by the server: host name, mods, version, players, pings, etc..
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    Valve RCON can establish a TCP or UDP connection to a game server that supports the Source RCON protocol and authenticate as an authorized user.Commands can be sent to remote servers in order to control the games. Valve RCON is an updated version of the original class by the same author to use PHP 5 features and also support UDP ...
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    Web Server Info can ensure that the values remain the same, regardless of the Web server.Key Features of Web Server Info:- Fixes PATH_TRANSLATED variable to use only / as path separator- Set the REQUEST_URI to SCRIPT_NAME or QUERY_STRING when the REQUEST_URI is not set- Set the SERVER_SIGNATURE with values based on SERVER_SOFTWARE, SERVER_NAME, and SERVER_PORT when SERVER_SIGNATURE is not set- ...
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    Application Update reads the list of application files to update from the remote server. Different sets of files may be available for different application versions.Application Update can retrieve the files from the remote server and update the file's copies in the local server. It displays the progress of the updating after each file is transferred.Before updating the local files, Application ...
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    DialogBox can be used to browse and manage files stored on the server side. It can list the files of a given directory displaying icons next to the file names based on their types deriving from the file name extension.The files are displayed with links to open separate windows to download the files with same name or with a different ...
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    PHP DirectAdmin can be used to manage hosting accounts controlled by the DirectAdmin Web panel. It connects to a DirectAdmin panel Web server and can send commands to perform several types of account management actions.Currently PHP DirectAdmin can:- Create and modify accounts- Manage account e-mail addresses- Create databases- Take backups- Retrieve the list of available backups- Retrieve account usage statistics ...
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    SStatus attempts resolve a given server host name and connects to several TCP ports of a given remote server. Currently it checks the ports: 21, 22, 23, 25, 79, 80, 110, 118, 443 and 3306.The success of the host name resolution and each port that is checker are displayed.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHP server-side web browser is a simple set of scripts with anonymizing support to do folowing:- Take a URL from user input- Connects to the server according to the URI, passing through redirects (Location header) and gets the reply headers of the final URL.- If the content type of the URL is text/html, it parses the content and changes the ...
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