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  1. Find files
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    Find files is a PHP script that can find specific files on a server. On the top of the script, the user can enter search settings for his search query (filename(s) to look for, where to start looking and how deep to traverse the directory tree). The script lists the files by directory showing filename, date modified, permissions and file ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    Minecraft Server Status is a PHP function for sniffing a Minecraft server's status. It can be used to query a server's IP for it's status (live, dead), the number of slots and the number of active players currently online. Limitations:- Assumes the server's default port is 25565. Need to pass the port value if different.
  3. Retina Images
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    Retina Images is a PHP script for serving HD images to supporting devices. It works by setting a cookie with the device's aspect ratio and delivering images at different qualities based on that setting. If the aspect ratio is bigger than 1, a high resolution version of the desired image is server. If a high-res version isn't available, the default ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    Stati for Shoutcast is a webbased program that allows you to setup information scripts about your shoutcast server.
  5. No Screenshot
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    WoW Server Status is a PHP script for reporting on WoW servers status. It parses Blizzard's WoW servers XML feed, fetching a desired realm's status and embedding it on a web page using a nicely crafted badge. A WordPress version of this script is also available.Features of WoW Server Status:- Different badge types (full, half, text, none)- Choose server realm ...
  6. No Screenshot
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    woodyWebBacker is a PHP server backup script and can compress an entire website, with its database and send it to the webmaster.Supports sending compressed data to a FTP account, via email or to an Amazon S3 account and can also be run as a cron job for automating the backup process.If the compressed archive is too large, it will automatically ...
  7. No Screenshot
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    FTP or Amazon S3 Server Backup is a PHP script for creating server backups. Compressed backups can then be sent to a remote FTP server or to an Amazon S3 account. The code is well commented enough to get you started on your own project.
  8. Project Mugatiya
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    This is a PHP IP: Port proxy server. For most cases it works like a proper proxy such as Squid or Apache. And to accommodate HTTPS, this proxy has to do a URL rewrite. At the same time, this proxy can be used for affiliate advertising and has an in built Turing Test supplied by recaptcha.com to keep SEO bots ...
  9. No Screenshot
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    This is a PHP script for querying the Steam Community, Source, GoldSrc servers and Steam master servers. Features of Steam Condenser:- Server queries- Query Steam's master servers to receive a list of available game servers- Query game servers based on Valve's GoldSrc and Source engines for information- Use RCON to control game servers- Acquire information from the Steam Community about ...
  10. Server Status
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    This is a very easy to use script and is designed to be a quick implementation and deliver fast results. It can be used to check the status of your servers.
  11. PHP Proxy Checker
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    This script can check if proxy server is working and its type. It will send HTTP requests to a test script in the same site via a given proxy server to determine if the proxy is working and its features. It will try sending data on all protocols, HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS 5.The script can test if the proxy server ...
  12. Weblog_Pinger
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    Weblog_Pinger is a PHP script library that can send update notification pings over XML-RPC services such as Weblogs.Com, Blo.gs, Ping-o-Matic and Technorati. On a server equipped with MySQL, Weblog-Pinger can ensure it not to overload by a ping notification service. This class should be stored in a directory accessible to the PHP scripts that will use it.Requirements:- XML-RPC Library for ...
  13. No Screenshot
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    A simple php script to display hosts information on a DHCP server.
  14. No Screenshot
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    if you have just few static html pages and you want to edit the content without komplex systems and databases, you only need "HardCodeEditor", one file, that allows you to login and edit any area in any of your static content. Just download a hardcodeeditor.php file, set your administrator password and put this file on your serverspace.
  15. No Screenshot
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    This package can be used to define and process server side events. It can register several custom types of events and associate callback functions of objects that should be called when the events are triggered.
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