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    SQL2TXT select data of PostgreSQL DataBase by SQL instructions and write results into TXT file (SDF). Alignment and lenghts of columns are configurable.
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    This SelectBox comes with the 3 most important features you could think of:- adding items manually- as 1 but with db-support- hyperlinks.
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    This tiny class creates/formats flat tabbed text in table style for email or text document uses, inserts lines of any style and even rightbounds selected columns for better overview in the created text table.
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    A class for building the big list of country selections, with some parameterization.
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    EZ Select is a class to make it easier to create complex MySQL "SELECT" queries, especially based on user input.
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    Cascade Select Associative generates two HTML form select type inputs making the currently selected value on the first input determine the option values that are made available on the second.It is an enhanced version of the original class developed by Vedanta Barooah. It provides means to the define the list of dependent option values as associative arrays.Cascade Select Associative also ...
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    baaSelect is meant to generate select form inputs that are linked dynamically with options populated from values taken from a database.baaSelect generates the HTML code to output the the linked select inputs and also the necessary Javascript code to make the options of a second select input be updated when the user changes the option of the first select input.
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    3 boxes with date numbers to send with a form. It looks like there was not a standard way to put a date-selector in a form. Letting the user free with a textbox is more dangerous and takes more time with checking the input-values. \
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    N-Tier Client side Cascading select generates HTML for an unlimited series of dependent select inputs. The class can generate one select input and the dependent select inputs can be generated also by other objects of this class or not.The objective was to produce a relatively intuitive interface to creating unlimited (N-Tier) cascading selects, with smart client side code (Javascript) to ...
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    comboBoxList builds an HTML form combo box field from values taken from a MySQL database query results. It supports specifying the initial selected value.
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    Combo Box is a simple class for generating HTML form select inputs with options defined from data retrieved from a MySQL database table. The class takes the name of the select input and the name of a MySQL table to query as required parameters.Combo Box generates a form select input using the value of the first column of the query ...
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