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    There is one class form generating the HTML to display a contact form inputs of several types like text, checkbox, radio, select, image, file, textarea, submit and hidden.A secondary class can be used to compose and send e-mail messages to a specified contact address. Any files that were uploaded are attached to the message.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The array can be sorted and the tag can be customized. The size of SELECT can have a default value or can be changed.
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    classListbox can be used to create form select inputs from MySQL database query results, similar to ASP.NET listbox control.classListbox can execute a given MySQL dquery that extracts the option names and the respective values. Then it generates a form select input with the given values. A given value can be displayed as the initially selected value.Optionally, classListbox may also generate ...
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    Inputs of the types text, password, textarea, checkbox and select, can be generated.
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    Mysql DBObj is meant to simplify the composition and execution of MySQL database SELECT queries.Mysql DBObj has functions that can establish the database connection and others to specify the query conditions, columns to sort the results, result row limits and execute the queries.
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    JavaScript is being used for updating the second input options according to the changes performed on the first one.Cascade Select comes with an example that defines the options for both input from data defined by arrays, and also an example that retrieves the options values from MySQL database query results.
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    MySQL can connect to a MySQL database given a data source string identifier.MySQL can execute SQL SELECT queries and return the results as arrays with a single result set column, single result set row, all rows and columns in a result set, or an individual value from the first column and row of the result set.The number of rows in ...
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    formAt can generate HTML forms with several types of fields, executing SQL queries to retrieve the default values of the MySQL database table fields.formAt can generate text or textarea form inputs depending on length of the database table text fields. It can also generate checkbox, radio, and select inputs to edit enum or set database table fields.CSS styles and JavaScript ...
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    HTMLSelectList is a simple class that can be used to generate HTML form select inputs. It builds a select input from a list of items that can be added individually specifying the item value, the item text to display and whether the item should appear initially selected.The select input name, number of visible items, and other optional elements are configurable. ...
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    Date Drop Down List Generator can be used to generate HTML form select inputs to let the users pick dates.Date Drop Down List Generator can generate individual select inputs to choose an year from a given range of years, a month with optional abbreviated names, and a day of the month from 1 to 31.
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    Liste Class can be used to generate form select inputs from the results of MySQL database queries.Features of Liste Class:- Generate the HTML for select inputs from separate definition PHP scripts- Option to make a given option the default selected option- Generate select inputs that appear in one or more lines- Output the current version of the class
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    DateSelector will build three drop downs preset to the date that you have passed in.
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    populate_sel populates the select form field from mysql table.
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    multi allows to populate the select form field with multiple choices from the database. Its very easy and simple to use.
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    linked_select classes generates 2 form select elements linked together, so changes on primary select rebuild the list of values for secondary select. It is crossbrowser for IE 5.x,NS4.x & NS5 (Gecko/NS6).
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