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  1. Select php generator class
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    This free Select PHP code generator script generates the html code that displays a select menu like the one shown below. It saves you the time and effort of creating the code manually and allows you to easily modify the contents of the menu whenever you want easily.
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    This script implements base methods to apply genetic algorithms to arbitrary subjects. Its functions can be call instantiating a class object or called static methods. The script can perform several types of generic algorithm operations like crossover, mutation, selection and death over populations of any objects of the same class. It can be used as a base implementation of genetic ...
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    This package can be used to update the options of a drop-down select input when the selected value of another drop-down input changes.It uses AJAX to retrieve the new set of drop-down options from a MySQL database on the server side.
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    With Drop Down Select, you can generate HTML for drop down form select inputs using data for the list of options taken from arrays, SQL query results or even cached query results using the AdoDB package.
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    List Control is an array with a list of text values is used to display an HTML form select input.The List Control may also get the value of the select input of the submit form POST request.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    SQL Dropdown, a specified SQL query is executed in order to retrieve the values and labels for displaying an HTML select input.The select input name, default option and Javascript code are configurable options.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
  7. AJAXed list boxes
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    AJAXed list boxes can be used to generate Web forms with linked select inputs. It generates select inputs that switch their group of options dynamically when the linked select input value is changed. The script uses AJAX to retrieve the new group of options from the server, so it can retrieve the option values from a database on the server ...
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    MySQLDropDownCondiff connects to a given MySQL database and executes an SQL query. The values returned as query results are used to generate the HTML for the form select input. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The state of select boxes for day, month and year, are created and managed.Manages state over multiple pages, so it can display exactly what the user just chose without extra work.
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    Using the keyboard to keep the options selected is not required. PSPLMultiselect generates HTML and Javascript that make a select box that emulates the regular select multiple boxes appear, so it can be integrated in any HTML form transparently.The user can click on a button to pull-down a menu with all options. The options can be selected and deselected by ...
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    HTML form elements can be defined from a list of parameters of several types like text, password, hidden, button, checkbox, radio, select, textarea and images.Another HTML Generator can generate the HTML output of the form including Javascript for event handling, redirecting the browser to another page, go back to the previous page, reload the current page, or open pop-up windows.Requirements: ...
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    extension to form.inc is an extension to the form.inc class. As opposed to the standard multipleselect lists, this uses a normal select box, but when an item is selected, it appears next to the selectbox.If another item is selected, extension to form.inc will appear under the first item selected. If one of the already selected items is reselected, it will ...
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    Linked Select is meant to create dynamically linked list with form select inputs that work as controls for choosing master and detail options.Linked Select takes the definitions of lists options for primary select input and the corresponding options that should be made available in the secondary input is selected.Linked Select generates the HTML for defining both the form input as ...
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    Editable select input can be used to generate a form select input with a text input that can alter the selected value. It is a PHP wrapper of a JavaScript example made available in the dhtmlgoodies.com site.Editable select input outputs the necessary JavaScript and HTML to generate a text input with menu that opens when the user clicks on the ...
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    MySQL_Control class allows you to manage various queries for a MySQL database. It is easy to use and also has advance features.MYSQL::Connect() connects. MYSQL::Run() runs a query. MYSQL::Select($tablename, $fields, $cond) runs a select query, MYSQL::SelectSet($tablename, $fields, $cond) returns the results as an array of hashes.MYSQL::Insert($tablename, $var) inserts values in a hash into the database or many different records if it ...
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