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    Simple Authentication and Security Layer provides a single interface for implementing multiple standard authentication mechanisms commonly used by Internet protocols such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, etc.Currently Simple Authentication and Security Layer implements following mechanisms:- PLAIN- LOGIN- CRAM-MD5- NTLM (used by Windows or Linux/Unix with Samba)- Basic (used in HTTP Basic authentication)- Digest (used in HTTP Digest authentication)
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    Passwd is an Unix-style CRYPT_MD5 PHP class.
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    Gnpasswd can generate rand password of types: - AlphaNumeric, - AlphaOnly, - NumericOnly.
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    Salt & Pepper Encrypter is a collection of two PHP functions that will make your password storage more secure! Instead of using just a common hash function, it uses a combination of them along with its own algorithm!For example, lets say you have a password of test. You want to securely store this password in your database, but still be ...
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    JPEncodeClass can can encode and decode text strings according to a pattern that defines a sequence of actions to manipulate the strings.The supported actions are: revert the text order, invert the text characters case and encode or decode in base64 format. The pattern of sequence actions can be given as parameter or generated randomly.
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    passwd.class.php has some common encryption thingies that is useful, the class can handle both DES and MD5 encryption.
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    Password Generator class can generate random passwords using the current time as randomizing seed.The generated passwords have a given fixed length and can have only numbers, or only letters or both numbers and letters.
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    Using a hash array, a user may escape or un-escape any string using any string. Also unescape it, or customize it for any database, or other application. It prevents(?) or lessens the likelyhood of SQL injection.
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    URL Encoder is used to encode data being passed between two sources that can be either two pages via URL arguments or by any other data storage media like databases, files or sessions variables. It works by taking an array of variables and their values and encode it using a private key only known by the server scripts to create ...
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    EncDec is meant to encrypt or decrypt strings of data.It uses a secret hash string to apply the xor operation to the bytes of the data that is processed. The resulting encrypted data is encoded as hexadecimal digits.
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    RC4 aka CipherSaber (v1 and v2) encryption and decryption with built in base64 encoding/decoding.
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    SHA classes provides you a pure PHP implementation of the Secure Hash Algorithm.
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    encrypt.lib, Encryption library for php.
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    Web Site Ping is a simple class that determines the response time of a server by sending ICMP ping packets. It uses the ping command to send the packets and parses the output of the command to retrieve the server response time.
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    This class can filter input of stray or malicious PHP, Javascript or HTML tags and to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. It should be used to filter input supplied by the user, such as an HTML code entered in form fields.I have tried to make this class as easy as possible to use. You have control over the filter process ...
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