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  1. OpenPGP.php
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    A PHP script implementing the OpenPGP Message Format, the most widely used as email encryption and security standard in the WorldDefined by the RFC 4880 standard the script can encode and decode ASCII-protected OpenPGP messages.OpenPGP.php is currently used with the OpenPGP Drupal module.Features of OpenPGP.php:- Can handle encode and decode operations- Can parse OpenPGP messages- PGP 2.6.x compliant- Supports RFC ...
  2. Login Security Solution
    274 total visits
    Login Security Solution is a WordPress plugin for enhancing user password security policies. Comes with lots of features, from protecting against brute force attacks to forcing users to change their passwords. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Features of Login Security Solution:- Blocks brute force and dictionary attacks ...
  3. SimpleSiteAudit
    330 total visits
    SimpleSiteAudit is a PHP security script for detecting attacks in their early stages. It monitors files on a site installation and quickly reports about changes to them. For real-time protection, it can send emails to the webmaster whenever an intrusion is detected. Version 1.4.x is for single site installations, while version 1.5.x can be installed to monitor multiple sites at ...
  4. Rememberme
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    Rememberme is a PHP script for creating secure cookies for implementing "Remember Me" functionality. The script is very small in size and follows industry security standards. It can protect the user by invalidating all login cookies when the user's PC or the login cookie is stolen. And it will also prevent attackers that stole the database of login tokens by ...
  5. phpSec
    211 total visits
    phpSec is a open-source PHP security library that takes care of the common security tasks a web developer faces.Features of phpSec:- Data encryption- XSS filter- Password hashing- Secure session handler- CSRF protection- Yubikey integration- Random data generatorRequirements:PHP 5.3.0 or greater with the following extensions is required to use phpSec: - Mcrypt - Hash
  6. PHPMD5Crack
    378 total visits
    PHPMD5Crack is a collection of PHP CLI scripts allow developers to crack down the original string from an MD5 string useful in MD5 hash recovery.The tools use the Dictionary Crack and the Rainbow Web Crack methods.
  7. Better WP Security
    140 total visits
    This WordPress plugin fixes some vulnerabilities in the WP core and meanwhile helps protect a standard WordPress installation.Features of Better WP Security:- Ban individual IP addresses from the WordPress backend- Remove generator tag- Remove login error messages- Display a random version number to non administrative users anywhere version is used (often attached to plugin resources such as scripts and style ...
  8. Rapid Access Protection
    244 total visits
    Rapid Access Protection is a PHP security system that will disallow end user from rapidly accessing / reloading your webpage in an attempt to abuse it or bring your website down.
  9. No Screenshot
    100 total visits
    Joomla Site Monitor is a Joomla security and maintenance extension which will detect any undesirable intrusion and monitor all the installed Joomla and extendion versions for newer versions on a daily basis. JSM is the best security solution for your Joomla site! You don't need to wasted your time or money on anything else!Features of Joomla! Site Monitor:- GPL compliant- ...
  10. Contact us pro
    353 total visits
    Contact us pro is an easy way to setup and submit form freely. Contact us pro includes many sophisticated programming techniques to enhance the functionality of the submit form and to use the maximum security measures to protect you from spammers.Features of Contact us pro:- is an AJAX / PHP submit form with spam protection, submit form validation and custom ...
  11. Anti-Harvest Download
    400 total visits
    This PHP script is used to serve files for download, while also preventing illegal file harvesting. It performs several checks by detecting the request variable for the name of the file being requested. Currently it cleans the file name from dangerous characters by taking the file base name and then it checks if the requested file exists under a given ...
  12. No Screenshot
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    Keep your Sessions on lockdown and prevent Fixation, and Hijacking with this snippet. Use at the top of your pages, script will start sessions in constructor. Usage:Initialize SessionSecurity, Which will also issue session_start() , also if user's session is open, make sure it belongs to them, if not, make them login again. Whenever someone logs in, and is authorized, open ...
  13. No Screenshot
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    This script can be used to filter request values to avoid eventually insecure values.It is a updated version of the script originally written by Bendikt Martin Myklebust.This version can handle request variables with multiple values in arrays.
  14. SJS
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    This script can be used to protect the access to Javascript and CSS files from being accessed from other sites.It makes CSS and Javascript files available for download using security tokens stored in session variables to check whether the files are being accessed from pages of the same site.
  15. Site pages guard
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    This class can be used to monitor and restore damaged application files.It can scan the application directory and take a backup of its files into a ZIP archive.Later the class can check if all files are still OK. If any files were damaged eventually due to a security, the class may warn the administrator by e-mail and restore the damaged ...
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