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    Search Keywords can be used to retrieve the search words entered by an user in a search engine site that lead the user to the current page.Search Keywords can parse the HTTP_REFERER CGI variable if present. Then it can detect which search engine site lead the user to the current page, and extract the search words.Currently the following engines are ...
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    String Searcher can be used to search for a given text in files of any size.String Searcher opens a given file and looks up for a given text string. It stops the search when the text is found or the end of the file has been reached.String Searcher can perform either case sensitive or insensitive searches.
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    Database Search can be used to search for words and phrases in text fields of a MySQL database table. It can generate a Web search form with an input field to enter the search text, a submit button and radio buttons to let the user tell whether the search should find records with all the words or at least one ...
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    Simple class for removing all punctuation and general stop words from any given search string. Stopwords and punctuation can be removed one at a time or all at once.
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    pg_dbsearch class allows you to search a pattern in a database. It supports PostgreSQL databases.
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    Use html2word to get words from HTML (and text) pages and counts each word. This class can be used in search section of sites or to write search engines.
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    Miester Search class indexes multiple tables, builds dictionaries, creates btree indexes, and creates sql queries based on user input.
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    OdbcSearch is an ODBC-Database search-engine for searching an ODBC interfaced database.
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    Key Highlighter is a simple class that can look for given keywords on the current script output and alter it to highlight the matched keywords in a special way that can be configured.Optionally Key Highlighter is possible to use it with my CReferrer class and have an automatic way to highlight the keywords that may have been used in a ...
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    PHP-PGSQL class is a database management, accessing and searching tool.Functions of PHP-PGSQL:- connection --> Function connection()- query --> Function query($string)- num_rows --> Function nums($string="",$qid="")- object --> Function objects($string="",$qid="")- insert --> Function insert($tb_name,$cols,$val,$astriction)- update --> Function update($tb_name,$string,$astriction)- delete --> Function del($tb_name,$astriction)
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    File Searcher is meant to execute searches for files inside a given directory. It can traverse directories recursively as an option.File Searcher can search for files given a list of space delimited patterns that define extensions contained in the last 3 characters of the names of the files that are meant to be found. For instance, the pattern "txt htm" ...
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    Ape Search is a search class that find a keyword in all files on a dir and it's subdirs whitout htdig or any index service, it's slower than them, but you will need it when you can't install anything else on the server.Ape Search works with PHP4 or later versions.
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    skad_class can add and show your referers. It may be used to determine from which search engine the users are coming to a site. This class uses one table of a MySQL database.
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    Database.php is a DBI-like database abstraction layer with drivers for MySQL, InterBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL (incomplete), and Oracle (incomplete).
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    clsGoogleApi is meant to search the Web or anything else indexed by Google using its Web services API. With this class you process the search results in any way that suits your needs.
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