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    Simple Google Custom Business Search Script is a very simple search script to integrate the Google Custom Search API into a website. It was written for php5, and only requires the use of php5's simpleXML library.
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    Enables you to browse a folder on the web like Windows Explorer. GaMerZ File Explorer has the ability to search for folders and files too. Demo: http://files.lesterchan.net.
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    Does not use any databases - simply scans all the folders and generates galleries with automatic cached thumbnails as well medium sized images before opening fullsize popup (depending on the options you choose).You can drop files and folders to gallery via FTP or create and and delete folders and upload individual images or many as zip. Excellent support for including ...
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    Site members can save their searches for easy access and be notified by email if a match to the saved search is posted to the site. Built-in "Notify by Email" allows site members to be notified when ads matching to their saved searches are placed/updated. For example members can be notified when new ads are listed in their area.
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    This free Google website search script is easy to install, free to use, and offers all the robust local web site search features of popular search engines like Google or Yahoo.The free PHP Google site search is appropriate for all PHP enabled web servers (Linux, UNIX or windows-based servers). This search script is perfect for small to medium sized websites. ...
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    Guaranix Full Text can be used to index texts for full text searching.Guaranix Full Text can build indexes of documents with support for stemming words (in Spanish or English), document idiom categorization, phrase search, etc..Guaranix Full Text can use a database as repository to store the index. Currently it supports SQLite and MySQL.
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    Run your own Internet search engine, using this FREE DOWNLOAD able, fully customizable script. Just download, upload to your server & follow the instructions in the Read-me file, and you will have a live search engine in under 5 minutes on your site, powered by Dhoondho Labs - The search engine company. - http://www.dhoondho.com. This free version is limited to ...
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    Search Query Generator for MySQL Database is a very simple class that can be used to build a SQL WHERE clause for performing a query that search for given field values.Search Query Generator for MySQL Database takes as parameter an associative array with the field names as indexes and the field search parameter values as array entry values.Search Query Generator ...
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    Find can be used to search files in server side directories. The example uses AJAX to update the file listing without reloading the current page.Find lists all directories that are presented in the form select input. The user may type the name of a file to search in a form text input. When he hits a form search button, the ...
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    IMDB Search is a simple class that can be used to search for movie titles in the Internet Movie Database site.IMDB Search accesses the IMDB site search page submitting a query for given search keywords.IMDB Search returns an array with title and identifiers of the movies of all found occurrences.
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    IMDB Parser can be used to parse and extract movie information from the respective pages of the IMDB site.IMDB Parser can extract the movie title, language, country, rating, genre, director, plot, color or black and white, tag line and poster picture URL.
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    LDAP AD Class can be used to access an LDAP server and server for data in the directory. It can establish a connection to an LDAP server and authenticate with a given user and password.LDAP AD Class can also perform searches the directory with given parameters and return the results in arrays. It uses the PHP LDAP extension.
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    Private address book is a simple engine to edit addresses. You need mysql database. Here is also search script, to search addresses in database. Simple for use.
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    Basic MySQL Search Engine Class can be used to search for data in MySQL database table text fields. It executes one or more SQL SELECT queries to search for given keywords in different text fields of the same MySQL database table.Basic MySQL Search Engine Class returns an array with the values of primary keys of the table records returned by ...
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    RiSearch PHP - free search script for small sites (up to 5000 pages). Does not requre database for index storage. Main features of RiSearch PHP: - template driven output, - indexing via the local filesystem or via http, - simple and convenient query language.
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