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    preditor loads a specified file and allows entering the string to change, a replacement string and whether it only occurs once or several times. Then it will go through the file and change each occurence.The edited file can be saved to a directory, while non-text-based files can be copied to other directories.
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    KnowMore can be used to extract links about companies listed in the knowmore.org site. It can be used to enhance the sites with content that refer certain companies by providing links to the knowmore.org site pages about those companies. The class extracts the list of all companies listed in knowmore.org.KnowMore can search the list of companies and return the first ...
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    A document is read until a specified limit and a given tag is search for.simpleTagReader can find either a single tag or all tags in the document. It returns respectively the content of the tag or an array of values with the content of all tags found.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    HTML Count searches a document for the HTML tags using a given regular expression. The document can be a file that is available locally or remotely.The tags and the number of occurrences can be outputted in an HTML list.
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    DigiOz Indexer accesses a given directory and retrieves the list of all files and sub-directories into a bi-dimensional array.The first dimension has the entry number of the file or directory. The second dimension has properties of the file or directory path, last modification time, and a flag of whether the entry is a file, a directory, or something else.Any of ...
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    Stack Array can push and pop values of arbitrary types from the top of the stack. It can also search for data values on the stack. If the specified value is found, the value position on the stack is returned.Values can be picked from the stack without removing them.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    class_log creates log files and allows searching for pattern in its contents.Requirements: - php 4.0 or later- class_specifOS: linux and windows
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    Single elements or whole arrays can be appended and prepended to an array object.Key Features of xArray:- Iterate over the array elements in several ways- Invert the order of the elements- Search for elements with given values- Sort the array using an iteratorRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The list of files appears in a form select input. Each file can be viewed in an frame below. The pages in the list can be displayed automatically as in a slide show. The user can browse the files forwards or backwards.The files can be marked, the name of each marked file being saved in a CSV file.Key Features of ...
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    Specific directories and files can be filtered using regular expressions.
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    DIR takes a specified path and determines all of its sub-paths.
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    path to vars allows you to use a pseudo directory path in your HTML links --instead of a query string-- to declare variables so that your pages will be properly crawled by search engines. path to vars is an alternative to using mod_rewrite rules to handle your URIs (http://httpd.apache.org/docs/mod/mod_rewrite.html). I based this on several articles and news posts I read ...
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    The Google Search website is accessed in order to perform a query for the specified search terms. The results page is parsed and the total number of results for the search query is returned.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Comic Engine can also return the URLs of the comic images from content delivery network servers.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Parameters for the search query can be defined, similar to the ones from the Google "Advanced Search" page. Google_Query connects to the Google site via HTTP and retrieves the contents of the results page.Google_Query also parses the results to obtain the number of occurrences found for the specified query.Requirements: - PHP 5.0 or higher - TCP socket connection support enabled
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