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    Safe keyword highlight highlight text that matches a given search string (keyword) in HTML based documents, without affecting any HTML tags.This may be useful for processing text and highlight against a glossary of terms for example, or page excerpts returned from search results (like Google).
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    Google Dancer is meant to query different Google servers and analyse the results to determine if their search index is being updated. This index update is also known as Google Dance.This class checks whether Google is dancing making three types of tests: counting the number of links pointing to a set of domains, counting the number of indexed pages of ...
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    Statizier provides you a simple way to hide dinamic sites to web spiders so they can index it. Almost all web-spiders (like Google) can not index dinamic sites due to the parameters present on almost all links in the site.Statizier, along with a simple modification onto your Apache configuration file, allows you to hide all the parameters and dinamic links ...
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    IMDBSearch is capable of searching the Internet Movie DataBase to retrieve the details the specified movies. It also comes with scripts for storing the movie details in a local database.
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    pdf_search is a class to search text in pdf documents. Not pretending to be useful other than that, but it can easily be extended to a full featured pdf document parser by anyone who chooses so.
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    PHP Search can perform basic searches in MySQL tables. It can take parameters that define the tables and fields to be searched and retrieved and the fields that define the results sorting order.PHP Search returns the search results in the form of an HTML table or a text displaying a message when the search query did not return any results.
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    mysearch class allows you to search MySQL with many options like: Search All Databases, or just one Database, a set the Tables to search or search all tables, etc..
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    Utility to generate, with four lines of code, a form with a drop down menu with 283 search engines.
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    Highlight is a very simple class that can search for a given text expression in a longer sentence and highlight it.The class determine if the search text is present in the sentence. If present, it returns the HTML of the whole sentence marking all occurences with red background color.
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    better_field_search class is a generalized, flexible class to search a MySQL DB.Features of better_field_search:- You can specify fields to search or display in results.- Allows multiple search terms.- Has a sample form to implement the class.- Easy to implement.- Recently added ability to format results independant of class, modify and/or or search, and search multiple tables (via joins).
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    Pure PHP Spell Check perform spell checking of text using only base PHP functions, thus without using specific spell check PHP extensions such as aspell or pspell.The class uses a dictionary that is implemented as an array-based binary search table. The binary search table declaration is saved to a file for speed and can be updated easily by the developer.
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    Site Search is a class that can search for HTML documents and image files available within server side directories. It does not need a database, so it is very easy to implement it.Site Search classes will search in the content of each file within a given directory. You can restrict the search to files with given file name extensions. You ...
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    Creates a Search engine with switches to vary search and results return technique.
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    French White Pages can access the French white pages site to submit a search query and collect the results. It can perform a search using as criteria a name, surname, location name and optionally an address.
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    CISVC is meant to encapsulate the APIs around the COM object for Microsoft Indexing service (CISVC).CISVC can perform the search query, output the search results split in multiple pages and also a navigation let the user go back and forth between the presented search results pages.
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