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  1. PHP Music Search Script
    2532 total visits
    The PHP Music Search Script is a cutting edge music search engine script that once incorporated into your website, allows users to search for their favorite MP3s! Translated, that means your site visitors can key in song titles or artists details, and your PHP Music Search Script will gather and present them with results from every corner of the World ...
  2. No Screenshot
    150 total visits
    FV Simpler SEO is a WordPress plugin is a simplified version of All in One SEO Pack module. It optimizes Wordpress blog content for search engines. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Features of FV Simpler SEO:Features:- Canonical URLs- Fine tune Page Navigational Links- Built-in API so other ...
  3. No Screenshot
    178 total visits
    Google Meta Search Engine is a free script use's google web results and display's it to the user, usually meta script do not include pagination but this one does.
  4. No Screenshot
    173 total visits
    Bot Monitor alerts you when search engines spider your websites, sends you an email containing details of the page the bot the ip address and the time & date of the visit. It can also be set to store these ina database of which you could retreive and display on your site to show your visitors or yourself how often ...
  5. No Screenshot
    97 total visits
    wpSearch is a very powerful search plugin for WordPress. Programmatically, it is based on the open source search engine Apache Lucene. Features of wpSearch:- Unmatched and customizable search relevancy (thats the power of Lucene!)- Very fast search speed- Wildcard and Boolean operator support- Easy installation- Instantly updated searching after a post has been written- Searching of any Posts and Pages- ...
  6. Mobile Mp3 Script
    1309 total visits
    Mobile Mp3 Script is the first free product from us. Mobile Mp3 Search Engine Script is based on Nokia High End Template for Mobile. 3 automatic charts included in this script:- Recent search- Next Prev page fixed- Work on most high tech mobile browser Compatible with IE, Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera too. Use it for free, DO NOT REMOVE THE ...
  7. CNSearch
    252 total visits
    CNSearch is a full-text search system, easy to install and to set. With the help of CNSearch you can perform full-text search by html, doc, rtf, pdf, txt and mp3 files, highlight the search result phrases, accumulate and display statistics for search requests. Meanwhaile, it is used on sites of such hosting-providers as Zenon, Pair, MasterHost, Caravan, etc. The system ...
  8. OMP3
    827 total visits
    OMP3 is music search engine which allows to created own music search websites which is using a simple lightweight search technique saving server brandwidth by searching songs which are remotely hosted over various locations on the internet.
  9. No Screenshot
    345 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to perform web searches using the Yahoo BOSS(Build you own search service)API. It sends HTTP requests to the Yahoo Boss API web server to perform searches for Web pages, news and images.The script can cache the results in local files to avoid the overhead of sending requests to perform previously made searches.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 ...
  10. Sitemap Generator
    527 total visits
    This PHP Script is used to generate sitemap and notify updates to search engines. It can build a sitemap file from a list of URLs, the URLs may have attached the last modification date, a change frequency and a priority.The sitemap file may be saved in the compressed format, This script may also update the site robots .txt file with ...
  11. Sound Regex
    443 total visits
    This PHP Script uses Soundex algorithm to create a regular expressions, which is based in a given word that can perform a soundex comparison on large texts. It is created to search for similar words in a text using soundex.It will convert words to be searched in a regular expression that would match other words that would result in the ...
  12. Free PHP Video Search
    834 total visits
    Free PHP video Search Script allows you to search for videos from the largest sites(youtobe, metacafe, dailymotion and rewer). Easy to instal;Features fo Free PHP Video Search script:- Free of charge- PHP 5- Without Database- XHTML & CSS- Friendly URL - Mod_rewrite- Search on Youtube, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Revver- Thumbnails- Integrated Ads- Multiple indexed pages- Languages: English, Spanish- Full customizableRequirements:- Mod_rewrite- ...
  13. Ssearch
    151 total visits
    Sscearch is a PHP text processing script can be used to search and rank text results in an array.It can perform a query with keywords to be search in text entries stored in an array data set.This script can return the search results sorted by relevance ranking.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  14. Search Words
    613 total visits
    This is a PHP Script can extract keywords used in search sites taht lead the user to the current site. It analyzes the referrer URL request header, then determine if the user come from a know search site. What if actually does, is to extract the keywords that the user entered in the search site, and got redirected to the ...
  15. No Screenshot
    396 total visits
    This PHP script is mainly used to sort arrays or MySQL searches by relevance. The script can search for a string in an array of a MySQL query result. It returns an array of search result entries that is sorted by a criteria of relevance implemented within the script. A number representing the relevance is returned within the sorted search ...
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