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    PayPal PHP SDK is a PHP library for PayPal's HTTP REST API. The PayPal PHP SDK was developed to simplify the process of accepting a credit card payment via PayPal's service. The SDK uses OAuth2 for secure authentication and fetches all responses in JSON. An example is included with the download package. This API is also available for:iOSJavaC#/.NETRuby Features of ...
  2. AWS SDK for PHP
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    AWS SDK for PHP is the Amazon Web Services SDK for PHP. The package allows developers to build applications that interact with Amazon Web Services tools and features. Features of AWS SDK for PHP:General Features:- AWS PHP Libraries - Build PHP applications on top of APIs that take the complexity out of coding directly against a web service interface. The ...
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    WePay is an online payment service for groups and organizations in the United States. It allows PHP developers to make safe, compliant and efficient API calls and create applications or web services that integrate with WePay. The SDK can handle all authentication API calls needed to get an app going. Requirements:- WePay Client ID and Client Secret
  4. Facebook PHP SDK
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    This is the official PHP SDK for the Facebook API. It is a set of PHP APIs to use when integrating Facebook social features in a website or app. Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or higher What's New in this version:- Extract the `code` from the `signed_request` for JS SDK pairing.
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