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    A WalkerSoftware Text Advert Exchange Script allows webmasters to exchange Text Adverts similar to Google's Adsense across their websites without the need to outlay any cash. The script owner will set a ratio for the exchange that will create an inventory which he can sell. The WalkerSoftware script is an advanced web based promotion tool that allows you to create ...
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    Blab! is a very powerful, no-Flash chat system.Features of BlaB!- High performance, extremely low bandwidth required- 100% OS independent. FLASH, JAVA, additional plugins or server modules are NOT required.- XHTML 1.0 STRICT and CSS2 compliant- PHP4/PHP5 compatible(supports: safe mode, error_reporting(8), register_globals=off)- 'http' links, emoticons, text formatting- Bad words removal- Custom timezone settings- Sound notification on new messages- UTF-8 based multilanguage ...
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    rschat can be used to manage multiple chat rooms. The records of the users, chat rooms and the messages sent by the users are stored in a MySQL database.Functions of rschat:- List the existing chat rooms:- Check if a given chat room was already created- Send a message to a given room on behalf of a given user- Get all ...
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    maxIrcBot can be used to create a robot to access IRC channels. It can login to an IRC server with authenticating with a given user name and password.maxIrcBot can join channels, send messages, reply to users and define actions to execute as IRC commands. It can be extended with separate plug-in classes to implement new actions.
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    Team Speak Admin Class is meant to provide a means to administrate Team Speak voice chat servers remotely.With Team Speak Admin Class you can add or remove Team Speak servers. You can also grab several types of statistics like players on a specified server or wasted bandwidth.
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